Monday, October 4th, 2021

Did Lily finally give you the boot? Adam marches into Society to ask Billy. She’ll be meeting me in Tuscany, Billy boasts – and assumes that Vikki didn’t invite Adam. Wrong – Adam will be there to toast his sister – who’s finally found a man worthy of her.

Here it is, Sally unzips the garment bag. Chloe’s stunned – it’s to die for. Now, how do we get it on the blushing bride? Sally wonders.

Ashland and Vikki are welcomed to the palazzo. It’s as breathtaking as the woman I want to marry, Ashland’s choice of words does not escape Vikki.

At CL’s, Rey recognizes the Miami perfume he bought Sharon. Mariah arrives in a good mood. The reason? Having a baby isn’t off the table yet.

Devon awakens in the chair he slept in. He and Abby are relieved that Dominic’s temperature has gone down. He’s going to be OK.

Rey didn’t know that Mariah and Tessa were thinking of having a baby. They decided not to discuss it until after their trip to Italy. Mariah’s going to go visit Abby – to apologize for leaving. I’ll be fine, she reassures her Mother.

Just one look at the dress and Vikki will fall in love, Sally just needs to get creative. Chloe suggests calling Vikki to summon her over for a fitting. She doesn’t have to lie (exactly) Go ahead – what are you waiting for? Sally nudges.

Ashland’s glad Vikki was able to sleep during the flight to Italy. When he compliments the palazzo, she informs that her Father deeded it to them as a wedding gift. So, there’s still going to be a wedding? Ashland’s optimistic.

Billy heard there might not even be a wedding. But sure, Adam – go to Italy – turn around and come back. Vikki might have gone to Tuscany but that doesn’t mean she’ll say ‘I Do’. Call it a hunch. Adam believes Vikki’s deeply in love – she knows what she’s doing this time.

As Devon texts Amanda, Abby thanks him for staying the night. She’s gone to the kitchen for a bottle when Devon answers the door. Hearing the he stayed over because Dominic wasn’t feeling well, Mariah runs to the bassinet.

Ending a call, Chloe delivers bad news – Vikki left for Tuscany last night. Sally appreciates her going out on a limb for her and isn’t giving up. Chloe sees no alternatives. Sally does – if she can’t bring Vikki to the dress, she’ll take the dress to Vikki. Arrivederci – I’m off to Tuscany!

Back at Society, Billy and Adam disagree on whether Vikki’s ‘past the point of no return’. Perhaps something or someone can help her see the light, Billy leaves confident.

You think I’d fly 40K miles on your private jet if I knew I wasn’t going to marry you? Vikki would like to hear the secrets Ashland’s hiding – which she assumes are even worse than those she knows.

Rey’s optimistic that Mariah’s healing but Sharon’s not convinced. Joining them, Tessa’s surprised to hear that Mariah went to visit Abby. Is she as upbeat as she seems? Sharon has to ask. Tessa looks like a deer in the headlights.

Mariah seems jealous that Abby called Devon over last night. She apologizes to Abby for moving out so abruptly and is in a better headspace now. Abby’s happy to hear it – we’re here for you. When Mariah mildly oversteps, Abby does too (picking Dominic up) No need for the milk Mariah’s been ‘stockpiling’ for Italy; Abby’s staying home. Oh, and she’s switching Dominic to formula.