Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

At Society, Nate and Elena are excited about their trip to Italy. Joining in, Billy makes it clear that he’s not going to support the marriage. If he has his way, the bride will change her mind.

Ready for our trip? Sally joins Adam in the park to list everything she’s bringing. She’s still working on her strategy to approach Vikki. When Adam reminds that they’re only traveling together, nothing more, Sally remains optimistic.

Revived by lunch, Ashland must warn Vikki that after she hears what he’s done, she’ll be complicit. Yes, it’s regarding a crime – still want to know? Yes, tell me everything, Vikki encourages.

You’re not my date – we won’t be sleeping in the same room, Adam’s clear. Sally quips that he might not be as irresistible as he thinks he is. She appreciates his help and won’t get the wrong idea. Are we meeting at the airport or are you picking me up? Chloe joins the pair and takes Sally aside – you need to rethink this, she warns.

Back at Society, Elena defends Vikki and Ashland’s relationship to Billy. They’re in love. So is Billy with Lily – he’s not pining for his ex. Certain things have come to light. Billy doesn’t believe Ashland’s the man he says he is.

Ashland goes back to meeting Camilla Rhodes. He went to his deceased friend’s job interview. I was alone in the world, thrown from a car accident, in shock, I wanted to live Ashland’s life for him. Camilla gave me a shot. I was a gopher – she took me under her wing. You were a boy without a family, Vikki understands – that must have meant a lot to you. Camilla treated me like the son she never had. Then it all went to hell.

Billy gets how Nate and Elena see Ashland in a different light. And yes, he does have a past that Lily ignores. Billy must look out for his kids and their Mother (but she must have all the facts) Billy gets a text – something very important has come up – see you in Italy. Elena and Nate are left to worry – they don’t like the sound of that.

In the park, Sally insists that she’s just going with Adam to Italy to get her dress in front of Vikki. It’s business – not romantic. ‘Yeah, right’, Chloe’s expression reads.

Ashland was just a little boy, Camilla protected him in ways his Mother never did. Her death was hard on him. He assumed there’d be some provision for him in the will. But Camilla’s lawyer, Jesse Gaines SR, told him that Camilla left her money to charity. Ashland knows he sounds spoiled/entitled. Why did she cut you out of her will? Vikki asks. Jesse said he read a letter Camilla wrote – that she had faith that I’d make it on my own. Jesse was angry. He fed my resentment. Said he tried to talk Camilla out of it. We realized that we could fix it.

A frustrated Adam looks through the windows at Society and sends a text – Billy just arrived at Society. The reply – I missed him. Did he meet with anyone? Hastings, Dawson.

Adam’s sorry to interrupt Elena and Nate but he was supposed to meet Billy. I guess he’s mad I was late. No, he didn’t seem mad. He got an important text and had to leave. Breaking news, Nate assumes. Maybe so, Adam nods.

Ashland continues to confess to Vikki: Jesse forged a letter, a codicil to the will that left Camilla’s estate to Ashland. He used that money to buy the two TV stations. When Ashland grew up and realized what he’d done, it was too late. It wasn’t really a risk. No one was suspicisous. Jesse SR wanted me to be rewarded. Gaines JR is an idiot. No way SR told him. Why is he harassing you? SR didn’t throw away the note that Camilla wrote that I was to receive no inheritance. After SR died, JR blackmailed him. When he found out I was dying, he wanted to cash in. Is he gone? Vikki wonders. Gaines is gone but I’m not the one who paid him off – your Father beat me to it.