Friday, October 1st, 2021

So, you’re back, Billy states the obvious (at Society) I see you got my message. Apparently, you’re just as interested in Ashland’s past as I am. He wants to know what Nick found out in Jersey. Whatever it is, it isn’t good, Billy assumes.

Vikki’s upstairs in Ashland’s suite at TGP. He wants to give her space – but is glad she came up. Don’t blame Nick for wanting to protect his sister. Ashland thinks it admirable; worth holding onto. Vikki didn’t come to discuss Nick – she came to discuss ‘us’ or who she thought ‘we’ were.

Amanda’s enjoying playing cards over beers with Devon (after being in the hospital with Naya) You gonna call my bet or what? He calls and raises. You have a tell, Amanda can see his eyes smolder. Lucky in cards, lucky in love (she beats him with a full house)

Abby’s struggling to calm down her sweet Dominic. Grandma Nina’s in LA, your Dad’s …. Her phone is open to Mariah’s contact info.

As Amanda rakes in her chips, Abby calls Devon. Dominic’s fussy tonight – she’s hoping Devon can calm him down. Go, work your magic, Amanda says. Abby hangs up, relieved.

The hem needs to come up an inch and a half, Sally’s on her tablet and phone. I’ll pay whatever this costs – I have to get it to the bride before she flies out of town. Adam arrives at CL’s to get an earful of Sally’s plan. You’re doing all this for the sake of the company, he quips – with my money. You’re designing a dress for someone who doesn’t know what you’re doing. Sally’s sure Vikki will fall in love with her dress and won’t want to walk down the aisle in anything else.

Vikki didn’t come to judge Ashland for a decision he made when he was a desperate kid. But she doesn’t like being lied to. She fell in love with him because he wasn’t a liar (like Billy) It’s about the lies – she can’t, won’t live through that again.

We’re not co-conspirators in bringing Ashland down, Nick’s ONLY interested in protecting his sister. Billy’s surprised that Nick sounds like his Father. Nick doesn’t take the bait – this is the last we’ll talk about this – see you in Tuscany. Unless there won’t be a wedding., Billy continues to pry – are you going? Nick’s done talking – he’s flying to Milan to see his daughter get married.

At TGP, Amanda and Phyllis discuss how wonderful Devon is. He’s at the estate helping with the baby, so Amanda came to see her friend before she jetted off to not one but TWO weddings in Italy. Let’s go back to Devon – how’s he handling this whole ‘Abby’s baby’ thing? Phyllis asks.

Dominic crying in his arms, Devon seems to have lost his magic touch. Abby feels so helpless – if only she could do something to make Dominic feel better. They decide to call the pediatrician, just to be safe.

The pediatrician recommended saline drops, Abby reports. Since Dominic’s quieted down in Devon’s arms, she’ll run out and get some. Devon’s left to tell Dominic how many people love him. We’ll always be here for you, he coos.

Amanda tells Phyllis that Devon feels a deep connection to Dominic because he brought him into the world. On cue, he calls Amanda to update that Abby went out to get some drops for the baby. He might be a while. Love you – see you soon, Amanda hangs up to tell Phyllis that Devon went over and worked his magic. Phyllis tells Amanda that Jack delivered Summer – they have a special connection. Amanda feels Phyllis is trying to warn her of something. She supports Devon being a big part of Dominic’s life. Now, back to you and Jack – it’s good you two are still close. What happened when you were married? It’s complicated, Phyllis doesn’t want to get into it in her hotel lobby. We’ll have to go somewhere else.

Do you plan to get this dress on Vikki anonymously? Adam wonders. Because love it or hate it, she won’t wear it if she knows it’s coming from you. Sally hopes Vikki will see a little bit of herself in her – and admire the effort. Or you might just piss her off, Adam adds. Sally’s willing to take that chance. What do you think? she hands her tablet to Adam.

You swore to me that there were no more secrets – yet you were prepared to let me walk into this wedding blind, Vikki frowns at Ashland. What else will you confess only when backed into a corner? Let’s start with the real reason Jesse Gaines is in town. I’m not gonna like it, am I? she guesses.