Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

The reporter’s waiting for Billy in his condo. He was blown away by the text message she sent – you and your team were able to find Gaines and bring him back to GC. Where is he? Jesse saunters in on cue. Good to see you again, Billy smiles.

Adam doesn’t see any big news on the ChanceCom site. Whatever Billy’s working on is still in progress. Adam tells Nate and Elena that he wanted to negotiate a truce with Billy for Vikki’s wedding. He hoped both he and Billy could make a pact not to destroy the wedding. Nate’s not sure they’re on the same page about that. Huh? Ask Billy, Elena suggests; he’s very open about his feelings on this wedding. Nate’s Ashland’s best man, adds proudly. Adam looks forward to seeing them there. Now alone, Elena’s glad Adam’s supporting Vikki. Probably trying to score points with Victor. Vikki and Ashland have enough to deal with.

Where did we leave off? Billy’s relishing his role – Oh yes – you were going to tell me how Ashland got his start – then you disappeared. Jesse admits that he got a better offer. Knowing Victor will be pissed if he gives him the slip and talks to Billy, Jesse needs protection or this conversation ends now.

Ashland tells Vikki that he doesn’t know how Victor figured it out. When he came to pay Gaines off, Victor said he already had. That it wasn’t for my sake but to make his daughter happy. Victor doesn’t mind having leverage over me but he related to my past. But the threat hasn’t been eliminated, far from it, Ashland says. Vikki looks scared.

Billy correctly guesses that Jesse wants to talk to him because, though he can’t pay as much as Ashland or Victor – he can put the truth out there. Jesse does have a personal reason for wanting to expose Ashland – but won’t tell Billy until they sign a deal.

Still at Society, in their own little bubble, Elena and Nate are feeling great about this trip and their relationship.

Gaines is still a threat after my Father dealt with him? Vikki’s surprised he left a loose end. Victor didn’t know that Jesse had Camilla’s first letter – that he’d always hold it over my head. If he comes after you it’ll blow back on MY company! Vikki bellows. Our company, Ashland reminds. This’ll be a huge scandal, Vikki panics. If I don’t come forward right away I could be complicit! It’s a lot to take in, she’s overwhelmed. Can you marry me knowing what I did? Ashland asks.

Sally goes to Adam with a gift idea for Vikki (a necklace that would compliment her dress) Adam’s hired a personal chef to cook for the newlyweds and the kids. Nicely done, Sally thinks it a touching gift. When she runs out, Adam calls his Dad – Billy got a big tip today. He’s still determined to stop the wedding. Jesse slipped the grasp of my security team, Victor fumes – he must be with Billy. We can’t let him do any more damage.

Billy has ‘deduced’ that Jesse Gaines SR and Ashland cooked up a scheme to launch his career – by using shady and possibly illegal means. Pay me and protect me from Victor and I’ll tell you everything you want to know, Jesse promises.

Vikki’s spent years making Newman strong and resilient. Now I have to worry about a ticking time bomb!? I shouldn’t have been put in this position! Ashland can’t express how sorry he is that she’s going through this. Is there any chance we can work through this?