Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Coming down to bid Vikki good morning, Ashland relays that he didn’t sleep well last night. Was your bed not comfortable? Vikki doesn’t feel responsible for his insomnia. Hearing that she did more thinking than sleeping last night, Ashland now wonders where her head’s at – more importantly, her heart – are we having a wedding? Victor and Nikki’s arrival interrupts. What are you doing here? They’re all surprised.

At the condo, Billy’s on the phone with Hannah. Lily’s picking up Katie and Johnny and meeting him in Italy. He’s going early to put out a fire. Let Vikki know the change of plans – she’s not taking my calls. Putting out fires, huh? Jessie thinks Billy’s more interested in burning everything down.

Over wine at Society, Sally informs Chloe that she’s reached out to the gossip-mill in LA (because it’ll seem self-serving if Newman Media publishes that she’s designing Vikki’s wedding dress) Chloe likes it – we pretend we got scooped on our own story. Now, all you need to do is get Vikki into the dress before she walks down the aisle. What could possibly go wrong?

Adam’s on his phone at CL’s. Keep searching – he has to be out there somewhere – I have to talk to him before I get on a plane to Italy.

I’m your Matron of Honour, Nikki reminds. We weren’t expecting you for another day, Vikki’s concern is put aside when Victor declares the weather perfect for a wedding. Ashland gives his bride a ‘well, that’s that’ look.

Glad to have more time to iron out last-minute wedding details, Nikki asks Vikki if she has any big concerns. First, Vikki would love to hear about Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Wait until you see photos of Summer’s Marchetti gown – she and Kyle are so in love, Nikki gushes – and Harrison, as ring bearer, stole the show. Ashland can’t wait to see him. Everything’s fine, Vikki would like to take her Mother to the terrace to discuss additional decorating ideas. Ashland’s left to guess that Victor didn’t rush to Tuscany to check on floral arrangements. Victor heard news that has him concerned.

On the terrace, Vikki tells her Mother that Ashland came clean. Camilla left him her estate (but only because he and her lawyer forged a letter) So, his empire was built on a crime, not a lie, Nikki will cancel the wedding.

Ashland doesn’t think he can take anymore bad news. Have a seat, Victor informs that BillyBoy is still digging; he’s tenacious but Nick’s watching him. Ashland’s no longer worried – Billy has no leverage not that he’s told Vikki everything (though he doesn’t want the story to go public of course) Victor then announces that Jesse Gaines has gone missing.

Vikki can’t let their family company or the merged companies fail due to scandal. You’re talking like a CEO – what about your emotions? Nikki worries. This wedding has to happen, Vikki’s adamant.

Over beers in the condo, Billy’s almost impressed by how Ashland started his career – but, he’s paying Jesse to protect Vikki, not for ChanceCom clicks. Asked for proof, Jesse hands over the original letter from Camilla’s will. It’s enough to put an end to Ashland Locke.

Hold on Cowboy, Jesse picks the envelope back up – this is a copy. He’s no idiot so won’t be giving Billy the original until he’s guaranteed that Victor won’t come after him. Oh, he’ll come after you – but Billy will protect Jesse. If you won’t give me the letter, read it to me. Jesse does – Camilla explains that she wants her dear Ashland to make it on his own; go forth and prosper. Billy notices that something’s missing – the codicil that Jesse’s Father and Ashland forged.