Friday, October 8th, 2021

Nicholas came to make peace – hear him out, Nikki implores of Vikki. You two work it out, Victor adds before they leave Vikki to inform Nick that she has no intention of stopping this wedding.

Victor’s afraid that Nick won’t let this go and will ruin his sister’s wedding. Nikki has faith that he’ll put his sister’s happiness first – unless he hears about Ashland’s latest confession. That secret needs to stay buried, and Victor will see that it does.

Nick didn’t come to try stop the wedding. He’s worried about his sister but will respect her decision. He’ll never be able to trust ‘this guy’. Vikki has no trust in Nick and will never confide in him again. He’d still like to attend her wedding.

Hearing Ashland coughing in his suite, Billy enters – looks like you need some help, what can I do?

Unwilling to forgive Nick or absolve him of guilt, Vikki won’t kick him out – stay if you want.

Billy’s suggestion to summon Nate is rejected but Ashland could use a glass of water. Of course, Billy came – he wouldn’t miss the most spectacular event of the year. There’s something you should know, Ashland begins. Victor appears – what are you doing here?

Back on the terrace, Nikki’s glad to hear that Vikki allowed Nick to stay. Jack joins them to chat about Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Vikki has a few things to check on. She seems a bit tense, is everything alright? Jack’s left to ask Nikki.

Ashland and I are having a private conversation, Billy tries to get rid of Victor (who’s also there to talk to Ashland; a man worthy of his daughter) You really believe that? Billy’s surprised. You bet, Victor replies.

Yes, Vikki’s a bit tense – but that’s to be expected; Nikki reminds that she was nervous both times she married Jack. The ceremony will be just an intimate gathering while the reception will be a much grander celebration, she informs. When Elena and Nate join the conversation, Jack’s surprised to hear that he’s Ashland’s best man. He sure is a man of surprises. Yes, he is, Nikki agrees.

Nick whines to Phyllis that his parents are ‘Team Ashland’. Vikki said he could attend the wedding but made it clear she’s not forgiving him. That said, he won’t let her trash his sister.

On the phone with Reed, Vikki understands that he can’t attend the wedding. Everything’s fine, in fact, perfection, she smiles.

OK, Billy will leave – do you know where I can find Vikki? No, he won’t be the one to cause the bride any distress. Get out, Victor orders. Ashland was about to tell Billy that Vikki knows everything. Victor relays bad news – Jesse Gaines was on the flight with Billy.

The small group admires the view from the terrace. You can feel the magic of Tuscany in the air, Jack comments. Perfect for a wedding, Nikki agrees.

Phyllis is trying to help, not trash Vikki. You’re not the one who’s wrong, she reassures Nick (then is disappointed that he wants to leave)

While Ashland wonders how Billy managed to get Jesse to Italy without Victor knowing, Vikki appears to ask ‘what’s going on’?

Billy enters his room. Gaines – it’s time to get ready, he’s frustrated to see that Jesse’s escaped. Dammit! he fumes.