Monday, October 11th, 2021

What’s wrong?! Vikki looks frantic. Victor gives his word that he has any threats under control, then leaves Ashland to do his best to reassure his bride.

On the terrace, Billy tells Nikki and Jack that Lily and the kids should be arriving soon. He leaves them puzzled and worried when he excuses himself to take care of something.

Ashland admits to having experienced a brief bout of breathlessness. No need for Nate to come – ironically, it was Billy who helped him. Vikki can’t wait to see how crushed Billy is to have flown all the way here for nothing. Let’s not give him another thought, Ashland suggests they go welcome their family and friends.

Go, or stay, Phyllis will do whatever Nick wants – she wouldn’t even have made the guest list if she weren’t his guest. They’re interrupted by new Noah. He could tell his Dad was preoccupied at Summer and Kyle’s wedding. After Phyllis excuses them, Noah reminds his Dad that he taught him to always try working things out. He’ll be disappointed in his old man if he doesn’t follow his own advice.

Back on the patio Nikki tells Victor that she saw a ‘skittish’ Billy. Victor has his eye on BillyBoy – nothing will ruin this celebration – nothing. There seems to be some intrigue afoot, Jack remarks to Nate and Elena. Leslie Brooks is warmly greeted. Jack Abbott – how long has it been? Nate and Elena are delighted to meet the famed pianist. Jack excuses himself to accost Billy – you’re sniffing around like a bloodhound. Oh look – Lily just text me – she’s lost, he lies then bolts.

An excited Ashland can’t wait to welcome their guests. ‘The bride and the groom’, Nikki announces to applause.

Introduced to Leslie, Ashland requests she play his favourite piece. She looks forward to playing some jazz too (as well as accompanying Tessa Porter). As all listen, Phyllis loves the way Leslie’s tickling the ivories. Elena comments that the bar’s being set pretty high (for his speech) Good, Nate thrives on competition.

Dammit – where are you? Billy says as he bursts into his room. Huh? The staff said they’d alert you, Lily’s confused. The kids are napping. You seem less than excited to see me. Billy gives her a quick kiss – I’ve missed you. Wait, Lily needs clarification – if you didn’t know I was here, who were you expecting to find? What have you done now??

Billy’s out of sorts because he missed Lily and the kids. Having found evidence that Ashland had Camilla’s will changed, he paid Jesse Gaines to flip on him. Lily agrees Vikki needs to know. Too bad, the ‘evidence’ is lost.

His Dad still deciding whether to stay or not, Noah goes to greet his Aunt and meet Ashland. Excellent choice in best man – Nate’s done a lot for the family, he adds. Ashland then gives Noah a sample of his off-colour humour. I convinced my Dad to stick around. Vikki looks over at Nick. Summer and Kyle arrive to applause

How did you lose the evidence? Lily’s then stunned to hear that Gaines IS the evidence. You brought him here to Tuscany?! What were you thinking? Vikki wouldn’t believe it coming from me, Billy explains.

The newlyweds chat with the soon to be newlyweds. Summer gets recognized everywhere we go, Kyle raves. Where’s Harrison? Father! he toddles over to be scooped into Ashland’s arms.