Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Barging into Billy’s place, Adam makes it clear that he has no intention of letting him go to Italy to ruin Vikki’s wedding. You’ll regret it, he promises.

Vikki finds Ashland daydreaming at the window. There’s nothing to talk about since the wedding’s going forward as planned. Initially, Ashland was happy to hear that but now thinks he should call it off.

Victor’s NOT impressed to hear that Nikki asked Ashland to call off the wedding – right after he just got through telling Vikki how happy he is that she’s marrying him.

Tessa doesn’t like the idea of going to Italy by herself – or leaving Mariah behind. She’s NOT scared to leave her alone, just concerned. Mariah needs to stay in GC in case Dominic’s cold worsens. Her mind knows it’s not her job to protect him, but her heart hasn’t caught up. Tessa continues to be as supportive and loving as possible – she wants to help Mariah find her way to happiness again. Having a baby of our own would do that – but you took it off the table. Mariah’s not sure where to go from here.

Tessa just wants time before making a life-altering decision. Come to Italy – see some ancient ruins and maybe that metal band who won Eurovision. Once we’re rejuvenated we can talk about starting a family. Mariah can see she’s being bribed. Is it working? Tessa’s hopeful.

Ashland tells Vikki that her Mother fears she might be marrying him for the wrong reasons. Vikki believes it’s in both their best interests to proceed. Taking her hands, Ashland can see how wounded Vikki is. He doesn’t want her to go through with this marriage if her heart’s not in it.

How are you not as shocked as I am? Nikki suddenly realizes that Victor knew about Ashland’s past. Yes, and he didn’t want the press or BillyBoy to know. Nikki opposes Vikki getting married because it’s good for business – she’s clearly heartbroken.

It’s not over until Vikki says ‘I do’, Billy states. Let her live her life – why do you want to sabotage her happiness? Adam wonders how Billy sleeps at night. Like a baby – and Billy has no idea who this Jesse Gaines character is. Why are you here instead of flying to Italy anyway? Billy can see that Adam’s got nothing. Your Father told you to jump but didn’t trust you with the details – who’s pathetic now? Billy’s smug.

Victor and Nikki debate whether marrying Ashland is in Vikki’s best interest (or what she truly wants) She loves him and he loves her, Victor finally persuades Nikki; who will support Vikki if marrying Ashland makes her happy.

Vikki deserves her wedding to go off without a hitch, Adam doesn’t care whether Billy believes he’s changed or not. No, he and his sister aren’t close but he respects her as a businesswoman. Yes, your Father does too – he trusts her to run Newman Enterprises while you’re stuck with Newman Media. Adam sneers – it kills you that Vikki moved on with a man who’s superior to you, will treat her better than you did – and he’ll be a good influence on your kids. Billy orders Adam to get the hell out – we both have planes to catch. Adam can’t wait to see this blow up in Billy’s face.