Friday, October 8th, 2021

Phyllis can’t help but be impressed with the palazzo. Delivering the Marchetti garment bag she left on the jet, Jack couldn’t agree more – the Newmans have outdone themselves. And he’s sure she’ll look absolutely stunning in her cocktail dress. Uh, where’s Nick? he asks quickly. Taking the bull by the horns (Phyllis reminds that Vikki disinvited him to the wedding)

Surprising his parents on the terrace, Nick comments that ‘the place looks great’. He wanted to get their read on Vikki’s frame of mind before approaching her. Is there any chance I can repair things before she says ‘I do’??

Elena finds Nate staring at his tablet. He’s having trouble with his best-man speech. It needs to be brilliant, worthy of the power couple. Taking his hand, Elena offers some romantic inspiration.

Some of our guests have already checked in and there’s nothing left on Vikki’s to-do list. Ashland’s concerned that her motivation for getting married is to save the company from scandal.

Wow – this place is sumthin’ else, Jesse follows Billy into a suite that looks a lot like Phyllis’s. We’ve got a job to do, Billy reminds. Jesse’s been waiting a long time – how do we play this? Humiliate Ashland as he’s waiting for his bride at the altar?

Jesse would like to cause ‘fireworks’ but Billy’s just here to protect Vikki – so he’ll convince her to come to his room; then Jesse can provide her irrefutable proof that she’s about to marry a lying criminal. Hopefully, she’ll call the wedding off. Wait here – sit tight – nobody can see you, Billy leaves Jesse to sip his drink.

Newman-Locke will be safe – and Vikki just wants to focus on the love she shares with Ashland. She still sympathizes with all he endured; an abusive childhood, losing his friend in a car accident, being betrayed by his mentor. This time tomorrow, you and I will be husband and wife. Nothing will stop that ~kiss~

Phyllis agrees with Jack – Nick and Vikki will work this out. At least he’s now accepting the wedding, unlike Billy, Jack grimaces. Phyllis is afraid Nick will be too nice when trying to work things out.

Nikki isn’t sure it’s a good idea for Nick to talk to Vikki; she’s already so stressed. Victor grumbles about him going to Jersey to dig up skeletons. He doesn’t want ANYONE to cause problems on Vikki’s wedding day. Nick’s astounded – you’re both onboard with Vikki marrying a liar who got everything he has from exploiting a death – really??

Nate enjoyed visiting a local winery – but his writers’ block hasn’t cleared. Maybe this fine Italian wine will help get the creative juices flowing. Hope you saved a glass for me, Billy appears. Elena and Nate hope he’s come to terms with the wedding. It’ll go exactly as it’s supposed to, Billy excuses himself to go find Vikki.

Vikki’s alarmed that Ashland has ‘a little cough’. He won’t let anything get in the way of reciting their wedding vows (which they’ve both written themselves) Dressed for dinner, Vikki will go down and see if their guests have arrived. Ashland’s left to cough.

Concern about Nick’s conversation with Vikki are immediately cast aside when Phyllis and Jack receive a wedding photo from Summer and Kyle (whose intimate wedding Phyllis prefers to this splashy affair)

Nick’s aghast that his parents approve of this wedding. Ashland only came clean because he had no choice – who the hell leaves his best friend to burn in a car!? Kindly let it go, Victor insists Nick accepts his sister’s decision. On cue, she appears to huff ‘n puff.