Monday, October 11th, 2021

Phyllis is surprised when Jack points out that Nick and Vikki seem to have called a truce. He was ready to leave earlier. Maybe Noah convinced him to stay. Jack’s glad Phyllis didn’t have to leave.

Nate and Elena chat with Leslie. When you have a gift it’s your duty to share it, she smiles. No, Nate doesn’t know Ashland well but is impressed by what he knows so far. They agree that there’s no sense looking back. What really matters is where they go from here.

Nikki and Nick say nice things about Noah (who’s responsible for his Dad sticking around to play it by ear) Be patient with your sister. Pleased to spend time with her daughter, Phyllis prefers their intimate wedding, unlike this one filled with drama. I’m an outsider in this family. Jack disagrees – you’re not an outsider, certainly not with Nick. You don’t have to do that, Phyllis objects.

Phyllis doesn’t want Jack to overcompensate – she knows he’s not trying to come between her and Nick. My having your back is exhausting? Jack doesn’t get it. Let’s go back to normal, she concludes.

Updating Summer, Noah doesn’t miss the Newman drama. Summer can relate. Milan’s a nice change of pace. Noah wouldn’t mind settling down; with our folks, you can’t trust that anything will last. Summer agrees – she and Kyle were off and on for years before deciding they want to be together forever. Invited to stay with them in Milan, Noah admits he’s been considering a change of scenery.

Billy didn’t want a big showdown – he just wants Vikki to know she’s marrying a liar and a fraud – then make her own choice. You lost control of the narrative and the narrator, Lily worries about Gaines being off exploring somewhere. He has an ax to grind and might have his own plan, Billy frowns.

Jack tells Kyle how happy he is for him and Summer. He’s proud of how they’ve stepped up for Harrison – and honoring the bond between him and Ashland. His happiness comes first, Kyle learned that him HIS Dad.

Victor clinks his wine glass and thanks all for coming. He praises Ashland, a man he’s come to know and respect – who came to town for business but stayed for love. He’s almost as ruthless as me. Not only did they merge in the boardroom but I saw them be very loving with each other (euuuww) All of you must vow to support this union. ‘A la Familia, all clink glasses, drink and kiss.

Victor’s speech meant a lot to Ashland – he’ll go find Billy to make sure he doesn’t cause any damage. Instead, he bumps into Jesse; who sneers ‘many happy returns of the day’

Victor covered everything you were likely going to say in your speech, Elena realizes. Something Leslie said inspired Nate. He and Ashland are from different generations. He’s a new friend – someone he came to know under extraordinary circumstances – he admires Ashland’s character in the face of adversity – who is someone he does know and wants the best for. Heartfelt and honest, Elena compliments – like the man giving the speech.

What are you and Billy planning? Ashland demands to know. Jesse wants to see Ashland sweat for a bit – maybe he’ll tell everyone how he started his business blah blah blah. Enjoy the rest of your evening lovebirds. That was Jesse Gaines, wasn’t it?! Vikki stops Ashland from calling security – I know just how to handle this!

Jesse was very disappointed that I wouldn’t let him interrupt the wedding, Billy tells Lily (who agrees – you can’t let him do that) No, Vikki would never forgive me. On cue, Vikki bursts in – what the hell do you think you’re doing?!