Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

How dare you bring that horrible man here?! Vikki doesn’t need to talk to Gaines – she already knows the whole story! Billy highly doubts that. I told her everything, Ashland recites a list. Billy just wanted you to know what you were getting into, Lily tries to referee. Oh please, if that were true, Billy would be relieved to hear that Ashland told me everything – but he’s not, he’s a shattered mess! Ashland’s in the middle of chemo yet fighting to create beautiful memories for us – you’re fighting to take them away! Accept that I’ve moved on! Let me GO! Vikki storms out – Ashland gives his head a shake before following.

It’s the perfect Autumn night, Summer declares. Kyle agrees. Jack’s having a toy soldier battle with Harrison, they report. Noah agrees with his Dad that they’re probably having more fun. Summer’s loving being a stepMom – she can’t imagine not having Harrison in their lives. After the kids head to the bar, Phyllis is left to ask Nick if he’s OK. All good, he’s not convincing.

Garment bag in hand, Sally was confident on the way over, but now, seeing the palazzo, she’s nervous. Adam has another way to go about this – let’s go, he leads the way.

Deflated, Billy closes the door and hopes Lily’s not letting Vikki’s words get to her. Yes, he was wrong about Ashland coming clean about his crimes. You told me everything YOU did when we fell in love, Lily reminds – maybe what Ashland and Vikki have is real – but you don’t want to hear that, do you?

Tessa’s so excited to be performing at the wedding. And this place is so beautiful. Where’s Mariah? Elena and Nate are sorry to hear she didn’t come.

Kevin’s delighted Mariah invited him to CL’s for real coffee and to catch up. Everyone at Jabot’s been great – normal even. She didn’t go to Italy because Dominic has a cold. Kevin doesn’t get why that stopped Mariah from going to Italy with Tessa.

When Jack returns to the terrace, Kyle and Summer go up to tell Harrison a bedtime story. Let’s get through this on our best behavior, Nick comments to Phyllis. You mean ME, she guesses. Noah wonders where the bride and groom are.

In their room, Vikki vents about Billy not moving on. When he and Lily moved in together, I took them a plant! Ashland suspects Billy’s still in love with Vikki. No – it’s his enormous ego. I’ll never trust that man again! Billy’s not our main problem – Gaines is – but leave that up to me, Ashland gives her a kiss on the forehead before exiting.

Breastmilk is amazing for the baby’s immune system, Mariah appreciates Kevin’s understanding. Dominic’s not your baby but you went through a lot together – and he knows what it’s like to be locked up in a small space. If it helps to talk about it …. Mariah’s a bit jumpy but can function. She’d rather hear how Bella and Myles are. You want me to brag about my kids? I’m in! Kevin pulls out his phone.

Billy doesn’t have a hidden agenda – Vikki’s in denial about how serious Ashland’s crimes are. Maybe because they happened 40 years ago and aren’t relevant to who he is now, Lily muses. Your plan to expose Ashland has backfired. Never mind how defensive Vikki got or how important the merger is, Lily points out that the wedding’s happening tomorrow whether Billy likes it or not. Maybe we shouldn’t be here.

Introductions made, Nikki follows Leslie and Tessa to the piano. Noah and Nick join Adam and Victor to listen.

Upstairs, Vikki hisses to herself about Billy then storms out of her room. Bag in hand, Sally knocks then tiptoes in to remove Vikki’s dress and replace it with her own. When Vikki marches back in, she hides.