Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

That’s odd, Vikki notices her wardrobe open, closes it and leaves the room. Still inside, Sally breaths a sigh of relief.

Looking down at the gathering, Lily doesn’t think they should be there if they can’t support Vikki and Ashland like the other guests. Not willing to give Ashland credit for coming clean at the last moment, Billy will find Gaines and send him home. No, it won’t be that simple – he’s wanted revenge for a long time. Johnny and Katie need to see their parents supporting each other – and Vikki will need help when Ashland’s help deteriorates. Lily’s impressed by Billy’s attitude shift. She knows he’s trying to make amends and that he goes to extremes for the people he loves. It’s exhausting but also endearing. And yes, hot and sexy ~kiss~

Adam sits to chat with Nate and Elena. Yes, he did manage to connect with Billy but it didn’t go well. In the background, Phyllis gestures broadly – look at this guy – HE has the audacity to show up – yet Vikki treats Nick like he’s the brother who’s crashing. Let it go, Jack gently advises.

After Vikki comes down to praise Tessa and Leslie’s performance, they launch into another song. Taking a seat with her Dad, Vikki looks up as Nick enters (with Noah) Meeting her eyes, he squirms.

Did you have another run in with Vikki? Phyllis asks Nick. She’ll apologize – her attempt to ‘sympathize’ is seen as ‘exploiting the situation’ by Nick. After he walks away, Jack yet again appears to give Phyllis unsolicited advice.

Enjoying each other’s company, Kevin will pretend he didn’t hear Mariah blow off Tessa’s call.

Hurt by Mariah’s coldness over the phone, Tessa looks up when Noah comes over to say that he didn’t realize how much he missed her until he saw her.

On the terrace, Adam really hopes things go the way Sally hopes they do. She has a lot riding on this. Summer and Kyle’s animated discussion about Harrison comes to a screeching halt when they spot Sally. what is SHE doing here?! Sally’s my date, Adam happily informs.

Jack sits with Phyllis, Kyle and Summer to discuss Adam bringing Sally as his date. Let’s stay away from her. No – Sally should stay away from ME! Phyllis fumes. You really enjoy riling people up don’t you? Adam asks Sally (on an upper tier of the terrace) Good night, she heads up to her room. Adam notices Ashland speaking to Victor – both then furrow their brows and walk away.

Do you want to tell me why you blew off your girlfriend or should I pretend not to have heard? Kevin’s yet again distracted when Mariah asks about his kids.

The photography’s going well but Noah seems to regret giving up music. And he looks smitten as Tessa enjoys his jokes.

Happy to hear that Vikki put Billy in his place, Victor assures Ashland that he’ll take care of Gaines – he won’t ruin the wedding. Adam appears to eavesdrop.

It’s heavenly up here – tomorrow will be hectic and busy – you’ll be with Ashland, Elena wraps her arms around Nate. Tonight you’re all mine ~kiss~

Billy and Lily are in bed – also listening to Leslie. She’s happy Billy saw where he went off track. Anything else you admire about me? he wonders – until she whispers in his ear.

Good night you two, Phyllis calls after Elena and Nate. There’s no one else left to talk to except Nick. Is this seat reserved? Nick’s sorry he snapped at her. As they make up, Jack watches; hurt until Nikki asks in a panic – have you seen Victor!?

Hanging her red dress in her wardrobe (which is weird, because it’s dirty) Vikki runs her hand along the garment bag. Ashland returns to say that he and Victor briefed the security team on Jesse. There will be no more interruptions, he promises. By this time tomorrow, you and I will be husband and wife ~kiss~