Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Vikki awakens to find Ashland watching her. Pledging their love to one another, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does ~kiss~

Victor’s disappointed to see that Billy didn’t leave last night. Ashland stole a dead man’s money to start his empire, Billy yet again gripes – and Gaines has disappeared – does Victor have anything to do with that? If not, he’s a wild card who will cause damage. Victor blames Billy – you’re not wanted here. Ascertaining that Victor is just as worried about what Gaines might do as he is, Billy saunters off.

On the terrace, in one of her star trek jogging outfits, Sally tells Adam that she was too nervous to sleep last night – her career depends on the dress she designed for Vikki. Adam will approach her when the time’s right. He’s amused when Sally declares him a good influence on her.

Claiming that he’s come to terms with Vikki’s decision, Nick vows to regain her trust. Deciding to take a walk to clear his head, he apologizes to Phyllis for the tension last night. Phyllis didn’t like the way Nick’s sister was treating him. He walks out on Phyllis complaining about his weak apology.

Billy gives Lily good news – Johnny and Katie and Harrison are having a great time with the nanny. The bad news; neither he nor Victor know where Gaines is. He’s biding his time OR something happened to him.

Served her last meal as a single woman, Vikki woke up last night to wonder where Ashland went. He went for a walk around the villa he’s come to love already. We can stay as long as we want, Vikki suggests they run Newman Locke from Tuscany (around the kid’s schedule of course) Nikki arrives to help the bride get ready for her big day.

Both dressed nicely for the wedding, Adam assures Victor that Sally won’t do anything to disrupt the day. She’s working hard to make amends and deserves a chance. That warms the cockles of my heart, Victor chortles. As for Gaines, Billy Boy Abbott thought he’d convince Vikki to call off the wedding. Gaines may still try to disrupt it. Victor just wants his daughter to be happy today.

Ashland’s OK leaving Vikki with her Mom – he’ll go find an empty room somewhere. Next time he sees Vikki they’ll be saying their vows. The next time you kiss me you’ll be my husband, Vikki ducks. Vikki’s left to tell her Mom that she can’t wait to get married – this will be the most incredible day of my life.

Noah talks to Summer, Kyle and Tessa about one of his art shows. Summer wonders why he’s looking for a change. Noah’s feeling restless – like there’s more out there for him. There’s no place like home. It might happen to you, he warns Summer. All fall silent when Sally approaches.

Well, this is awkward, Sally admits that she was ‘slightly’ involved in Sally’s move to Milan. Slightly? You and Tara were in cahoots all along. Sally wishes her and Kyle the best and wants this day to be perfect for Vikki. She then introduces herself to Noah. Assuming he’s heard about her, she agrees that today is about Vikki – let’s all be civil.

When Nick returns, Phyllis was wondering where he went. Do you like? she twirls in her elaborate dress. Nick’s not dressed because he’s not going. You have to go, Phyllis sputters – this makes no sense. Noah talked you into staying. What happened? It’s your family, your call – it’ll be weird if I don’t go, weird if I go. As for the reception, Nick will think about it- thanks for understanding.

The chairs are lined up on the terrace. No sign of Gaines, Victor hopes he’s gone. Relax, he tells Ashland – we’ll deal with it if/when the time comes. Focus on the wedding – take a deep breath and relax. You’re marrying one of the most beautiful, powerful women in the world. One of? Ashland jokes with his soon to be Father in law.