Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

When Nate comes along, Ashland claims to just be stretching. This is what you get for having a doctor as your best man – how bad is it? Nate knows better.

It’s a stressful day, Nate comments. Ashland knows that Billy’s hoping he’ll collapse, but nothing will stop him from marrying the woman of his dreams – not a jealous ex or people trying to exploit his past, or this disease. Nate advises Ashland to rest – it’s gonna be a long day. He notices that Ashland’s breathing improved when he talked about his bride.

Jack scolds Adam for bringing Sally to the wedding (after what she put Summer through) Adam knows that’s not why Jack objects to Sally being his date. Sally appears to acknowledge that she’s the last person anyone here wants to see. Good luck, Adam says as she runs off.

Nikki doesn’t have anything old, or new etc. but she knows about marrying a complicated man. Vikki’s never felt so appreciated. Despite everything Ashland’s the man she fell in love with. Nikki just wants her to be sure (which she is) Now, it’s time to put on your wedding gown. Vikki unzips the garment bag. What the…? This isn’t my dress!!!

Lauren was supposed to make some minor alterations but this is a totally new dress! Vikki’s astonished. No, it’s not a surprise from Ashland. Maybe Summer had Marchetti design the dress? What do you think of it? Nikki asks. It’s breathtaking – top tier – but it’s not my dress – what am I supposed to do? Try it on, Nikki suggests.

Nick confronts Billy – your plan to get Vikki to call off the wedding failed, he hopes there won’t be any fireworks. No – though Billy still thinks Vikki’s making a mistake. He assumes Nick agrees, since he’s not going.

No groom, Elena hopes it’s not a bad sign. Nate’s confident that Ashland will be fine. Adam’s wowed when Sally appears. Nikki pulls Victor aside for a private word – the bride has the wrong wedding dress. Overhearing, Sally runs off again. Kyle and Summer are sure she’s up to something.

Opening her door to see Sally, Vikki doesn’t have time for this. Sally babbles – she swapped Vikki’s dress for one she designed. You did what!? Vikki’s livid.

Why would you do this? Minutes away from walking down the aisle I discover I have the wrong dress! Vikki fumes. You hoped I’d fall in love with this dress? You’ve learned nothing from the crap you’ve pulled. Sally knows Vikki didn’t fall in love with the dress Lauren had designed. Sally created this one specifically for Vikki; a dress that captured her ‘essence’. Where’s the first dress? Did you destroy it? No – Sally will bring it AFTER Vikki tries on her dress. Nikki walks in to glare at Sally – what are you doing here? Bring me my dress – hang it on the door, Vikki orders. As Sally exits, Nikki’s arms are folded, her lips are pursed.

After Phyllis twirls in her Marchetti dress for Summer, they discuss Nick’s decision not to attend the wedding. Phyllis did everything she could. She then goes over to chat with Jack. Billy gets a call – where are you? Lily’s having a ‘hair emergency’ Eavesdropping on Ashland and Victor, he reports that Vikki’s having trouble getting ready too. See you in a bit ~click~ Before Sally can update Adam, Nikki appears to ask all to take a seat – the wedding is about to begin.

In front of a fireplace, Leslie plays piano, Tessa at her side. Ashland ushers Harrison to his seat then stands beside Nate. Sally’s stunned when Vikki appears wearing HER dress. Summer whispers to Kyle – it’s stunning – who designed it!!?? Well done, Adam tells Sally. Phyllis has never seen Vikki look more beautiful. You look stunning, Victor joins Vikki to walk her down the aisle. Thank you for everything, she tears up. Billy looks devastated.

Upstairs, in a bedroom, Gaines peeks down through the curtains. Who are you – what the hell are you doing in here?! Nick stalks into the room to aggressively ask.