Thursday, October 14th, 2021

As all stand to admire the bride, Summer wonders who designed her stunning dress. Phyllis turns to tell Jack that she’s never seen Vikki look more beautiful. Well done, Adam praises Sally. You look stunning, Victor and Vikki have a quiet, tender moment.

Accompanied by Leslie, Tessa sings, Sally and Adam grip hands. Victor kisses Vikki’s cheek – I adore you, he repeats.

Billy looks depressed; Nikki proud. Ashland and Vikki actually look at one another with love in their eyes. And so, the Minister begins.

Who the hell are you and why are you in my room?! Nick growls. Jesse claims to be a friend of Ashland’s. Then why isn’t he at the wedding? Jesse came late and didn’t want to interrupt. Blocking Jesse’s escape, Nick demands answers.

Start talking NOW! If you’re such a good friend of Ashland’s why are you so nervous? You’re not going anywhere! Nick closes the door.

As Father Guido Sarduchi begins the ceremony, Jack looks over at Phyllis. Gazing into Vikki’s eyes, Ashland is a new man because of her.

You’re the brother of the bride, Jesse’s read that Nick’s a righteous, no-nonsense guy. Perhaps he’s up here instead of down there because he doesn’t approve of his sister marrying Ashland. Jesse knows Ashland’s deepest, darkest secret.

Ashland thanks Vikki for inspiring him, giving him renewed strength – you’ve seen me at my best and utter worst – despite my flaws you stand by me (a gift he may never be able to repay but will try with everything he has) Billy looks ill as Ashland promises honesty above all else going forward.

Jesse explains that his Father worked for Camilla Rhodes. He and Ashland forged her will after she died. I’m listening, Nick urges him to continue.

Ashland has found his partner and soulmate; who has shown him the power of true forgiveness. Phyllis turns to Jack – interesting, she can forgive this guy but not Nick. With more nice words, Ashland vows to give Vikki the world and all the joy they can squeeze out of it in the time they have left.

Vikki turns to address the guests – she’s sure everyone can see why Ashland is a huge success; he’s a tough act to follow. Billy pales. Turning back to Ashland, Vikki sees herself differently too – stronger – you’ve helped me to come into my own on so many different levels. First, we merged our companies – now our lives, our families. Her many mistakes have brought her to right now.

Jesse tells Nick that Camilla didn’t leave Ashland a dime. He and my Father forged a letter leaving him everything. I’m supposed to take your word? Nick sneers. Jesse has proof – or ask your Father. He pressured me to stay silent but Billy flew me here to expose Ashland. Unable to trust Billy, Jesse decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s been waiting for the right moment but might miss it if they don’t act fast. Nick furrows his unibrow.