Monday, October 18th, 2021

Maybe I’m the problem – maybe I need drama and fights in a relationship, Phyllis opines. Jack thinks it’s more to do with self-sabotage (and won’t let Phyllis do it) You can be happy without drama.

On the terrace, Nick asks Adam what happened to Gaines. It’s been handled – that’s all that matters. Adam’s offer to mediate is rejected. You must feel pretty good about infiltrating the family, Nick whines. Claiming that he’s mending fences, Adam’s left when Nick again stomps off.

What are you thinking? Lily’s in bed, Billy’s looking out the window. He’s thinking of how to make this a win for ChanceCom. Their story should be ‘the life and times of Jesse Gaines’. Make him the bad guy.

Tessa probes for more details of Noah’s love life – you can tell me anything.

Elena and Nate return to joke about having to look in the garden for wayward Bocci balls. Agreeing that it’s been nice to get away from medicine, they share Italian words they’ve learned, like Amore – love.

In his suite, Adam’s just poured a drink and reclined on his bed to relax when there’s a knock at the door. Now what? he huffs. Sally opens the door.

Initially snarky, Adam’s soon apologizing to Sally and raising a glass to toast her talent and passion. You put Newman Media on the map. Everything went just like you said it would. Sally’s disappointed that she wasn’t able to win the Newmans over – but Adam’s the only one she really cares about ~kiss~

Lily doesn’t see how ‘Mr High Road’ can do a story about Gaines without dragging Ashland’s name through the mud. Some secrets are meant to stay buried. Are they playing our song? Come to bed, she tells Billy.

Hearing that Noah fell for a fellow artist, Tessa does indeed remember them talking all night. She’s sorry to hear that Noah was dumped. He hopes to get it right next time around.

Nate and Elena continue to flirt and joke and dance on the terrace.

Billy’s now dressed. Looking at Lily asleep in the bed, he quietly sneaks out.

I can’t do this with you, Adam detaches his lips from Sally’s to say that he’s not ready to give her the commitment he knows she’ll want. You don’t do things halfway – he’s sure she won’t be satisfied with a one night stand. It has to be all or nothing for Adam too (when he’s ready) Sally will take no for an answer but won’t give up hope that Adam will be ready for ‘all’ soon – and she hopes it’s with her.

Jack’s sure Phyllis and Nick will make it – he’s rooting for them; especially her. Seeing Phyllis with her head on Jack’s shoulder as she walks by, Sally does a double-take then quickly snaps a photo.

Billy approaches Victor. Still no word from Gaines – what did you do with him? Though he did the right thing by deleting a video that would have exposed Ashland, Billy gets no answers from Victor. Instead, he gets a threat. Listen carefully – the gloves are coming off. Find another career, another life or I will take everything you own.