Friday, October 15th, 2021

Jack and Vikki have a lovely chat about Johnny, Katie and Harrison – we’re one big happy family.

What are you going to do? Lily asks. Billy escorts her ten feet away for a ‘private’ chat.

When Nikki comes over to say it’s time to help Vikki into her reception gown, Jack’s stunned to hear that Sally designed her spectacular wedding dress. Recovering quickly, he’s assured that both ladies will save a spot on their dance cards for him.

Jack joins Phyllis to ask if Nick will be attending the reception. She doesn’t know – he’s not answering her texts. No! She did not know that Sally designed Vikki’s wedding dress. Disgusted by both women, she types furiously on her phone.

After exchanging a few words, Vikki and Nikki head off to change. That leaves Ashland to comment to Victor and Adam that things are going smoothly. They found Gaines. Nick stopped him from telling everyone about your past. Where is he? Somewhere safe where you can have a one on one with him, Victor informs.

Adam rejoins Sally to say that he was handling a family matter. He can’t wait to see the buzz Newman Media gets from Vikki’s dress and the woman who designed it. You may have changed a few of your adversaries’ minds about you, he heaps on the praise.

In her suite, Vikki feels like she’s floating on a cloud – it’s official; she and Ashland are husband and wife. Nikki then hears how Sally oversaw every detail of her ‘work of art’ dress. Vikki doesn’t approve of what she did to Summer – but this dress is flawless. Isn’t it amazing how the best things come from improbable situations?

Billy tells Lily that they’re the only ones with Gaine’s video (which includes details and proof of Ashland’s crimes) If we don’t publish it within the hour, he’ll take it global. ‘Sources don’t call the shots’, Lily doesn’t like being pushed into a corner. And what about Vikki? Jack appears to echo her question.

Finding Nick peering out the window of their suite, Phyllis is annoyed that he’s not going to the reception and didn’t answer her texts. Nick tells her all about Billy bringing someone from Ashland’s past. He’s mad that his Dad kept him out of the loop and brought Adam in – both knew about this Jesse guy. They’re closing ranks to protect this merger and a guy who stole his best friend’s ID after letting him burn to death (probably) Ashland forged the will, he adds. His entire fortune was built on this woman’s stolen estate, Phyllis is stunned. Yes, and Dad silenced this Gaines guy to protect Locke’s secret. Why does this man have such a tight grip on my family?

Ashland lets himself into a locked storage room to tell Jesse that coming here was a miscalculation – you’ve been paid a small fortune for your silence – what else do you want?

Lily and Billy lie to Jack; they were just discussing the wedding – and Ashland’s health. Billy helped him earlier when he was struggling to catch his breath. Convinced, Jack will see them at the reception. Lily and Billy are left to debate whether to expose Ashland. He’s in favour, she’s not.