Monday, October 18th, 2021

Unibrow furrowed, his arms pumpin’, Nick demands a word with his Dad – about us – alone, he scowls at Adam.

Where are you? They’re about to cut the cake, Phyllis texts Nick – then runs into Jack in the hallway. He’s going to check on Harrison. She knows there’s another reason he’s ducking out of the reception.

On the terrace, Nate twirls Elena, then dips her – then kisses her. Sally clears her throat and looks awkward.

On the upper-terrace, Tessa dries her tears (she can’t believe Noah carries a handkerchief) Mariah and I will work through it, she reassures.

Eager to hit the dance floor to do the Electric Slide, Lily suspects that Billy wants to skip the reception to sulk in private.

Billy’s perfectly fine that the wedding went ahead – he loves Lily and will do the Electric Slide to prove it – ‘let’s go cut a rug’. No audience needed – Lily’s perfectly content to stay in the room and make out.

Sally congratulates Nate on his great speech, and Elena congratulates her for designing such a beautiful wedding dress. She claims that Adam’s not her date – but has stood her up anyway.

It’s hard to be single at weddings, Phyllis sympathizes. Jack can never lie to her. He’s not bothered by Sally being here with Adam but doesn’t need a ‘wingman’. And Nick? He went to get some things off his chest with his Father.

Adam leaves with minimal grumbling while Nick does maximum grumbling. After looking into Ashland’s past (at his Father’s request) Nick’s mad that he’s the bad guy – why are you not on my side? You kept me out of the loop – Adam’s your go-to guy now? You enjoy pitting your children against one another. Victor doubts Nick would have been interested in protecting his brother-in-law.

Inviting Jack into her room for a drink, Phyllis explains that Nick complains about his family but gets angry if she does. But no, she wouldn’t like it if Jack said anything negative about Nick.

Though Noah sympathizes with his sister, he doesn’t think it right for Mariah to have asked Tessa to have a baby right now. It’s not a decision to be made lightly.

Sally appreciates Nate offering her a dance but doesn’t want to be a third wheel. When he and Elena head off to the fountain, she polishes off her drink, mutters ‘your loss Adam’ and clip-clops off. Seconds later, Adam appears, of course.

Nick’s concerned to hear that his Father ‘took care of Gaines’ – what exactly does that mean?

The situation with Gaines was handled with the utmost discretion, Victor tells Nick not to worry about it. Nick mocks his Father’s ‘family first’ speech as just words. A member of this family was threatened but instead of uniting the family you’re fracturing it. You, Vikki and Adam closed ranks and I’m left trying to figure out how to get my sister to forgive me. When Victor blames BillyBoy, Nick exits.

Jack continues his pep talk. Back off a little bit – give Nick some space. Phyllis doesn’t understand why things aren’t going well. Every time I say something it causes a flare-up.

Tessa’s not sure Mariah realized what she was asking of her but would rather hear about Noah breaking hearts in London.