Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Vikki and Ashland are enjoying breakfast with her parents. Saying goodbye to Harrison was hard but he seems happy with Summer and Kyle. Stepping aside, Vikki wants details on how Gaines was handled – and whether he’ll need to be handled again.

Lily awakens to find Billy up, dressed and texting. He didn’t sleep. He went for a walk after she fell asleep and ran into Victor. The old man openly declared war on me and ChanceCom.

At Society, Chloe and Kevin are looking at her phone – both happy that Sally pulled off the fashion coup of the decade. Lauren arrives (with a quiet Mike) ranting about Sally. Have you seen what she’s done now!? She has no loyalty to Newman Media or anyone else.

At Adam’s door, Sally bids him good morning. She would have slept better if they spent the night together. Passing by in the hallway, Jack overhears.

Phyllis awakens to Nick packing. But no, he’s not in a hurry to get home – in fact, he’s not going to GC.

Back at Society, Lauren’s astonished when Chloe finally gets around to admitting that she knew what Sally was planning. You were in on it!?

Jack joins Sally and Adam to say that the ‘major coup’ she pulled off is none of his business. After she goes to pack, Adam claims that Sally’s just a friend and offers to step aside if Jack’s interested in her. That ship sailed long ago, Jack’s parting warning is about ‘playing with fire’.

Victor surprises Vikki with the information that someone else helped neutralize the threat; Adam saved your wedding (he appears in the background as soon as his name is uttered)

Told that Nick’s going to spend a few days in London with Noah, Phyllis doesn’t seem happy to be going home alone. Do you want to come? he asks without enthusiasm. No – she has to get back to the hotel. Are we OK? she doesn’t seem sure they are.

We’re fine, of course, Nick reassures. Phyllis feels something’s off – even before ‘this whole London thing’. Jack called me crazy for thinking that way. Yes, she talked to him. Nick’s issue is with his family, not Phyllis. The lesson never seems to sink in but he vows ‘this time has to be different’.

Discussing Victor’s threat, Lily tries to lighten the mood – hoping Billy will think twice about bringing a blackmailer to a destination wedding. Billy’s back on his phone – to see if Gaines went ahead with his threat to distribute his video worldwide (which would put an end to Vikki’s wedding)

Still on the terrace, Ashland and Vikki are both happier and more in love than before the wedding (which she just learned was saved by Adam) He’s humble and just happy to have been included. Families look after each other. Victor’s very happy that the siblings are getting along.

When Nick gripes about his family, Phyllis wants to agree but he always takes issue with it. Nick reiterates that she’s not the problem before sarcastically asking if she went to Jack about that too. He’s a confidante – and wants us to be happy. You think he’s the best person to go to? Nick apparently doesn’t. When Noah drops by to pick up his Dad, he understands why he doesn’t want to say goodbye to the family. Phyllis awkwardly tells Noah that she’d love to go to London with them, but can’t.

Lauren demands an explanation – NOW! Hearing Sally’s entire scheme she does NOT agree with Kevin (who thinks Sally ‘has guts’) or Mike (who thinks it ‘an amusing twist’) You betrayed me! she glares at Chloe.

Having wheeled her luggage downnstairs, Sally’s lurking outside the living room in time to hear Phyllis ask if there’s room for her on the company jet. Of course, Jack hopes this doesn’t mean that things got worse between Phyllis and Nick. Her silence speaks volumes.