Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

At CL’s, Adam can’t wait to see what else Sally has planned for Newman Media. Good – because this is just the beginning. Chloe walks in off the patio – I thought you two were going to keep ‘this’ professional. Did something happen in Tuscany I should know about????

Bonjourno – I’m back and so excited to see you, Tessa wheels her luggage into their suite at TGP. Alas, Mariah isn’t home.

Mariah was in the neighbourhood so drops off a cooler of breastmilk she’s pumped. Is there a problem? she asks Abby’s new nanny – she said I was welcome any time. The nanny just got the ‘difficult’ Dominic to sleep. Mariah gives the elderly lady a break and goes to gush over the bassinet. I’m so happy to see you.

Devon arrives as Abby’s chef is giving her notice – she wants to create her own menu (but settles for adding a few of her dishes to the menu) He likes the way she handled that. Abby doubts she’ll be able to keep her for long – she misses Lola so much and is obviously worried about Chance.

Cradling Dominic, Mariah confides that she’s a mess but doing her best to move forward. It’s so hard for her (and for Tessa) She’s worried they aren’t on the same page regarding their future.

Pulling out a gift-wrapped present, Tessa leaves a message for Mariah. Wiped out from the flight, she’ll see her soon ~click~

Chance hasn’t been able to hold his own son, Abby tells Devon. Near tears, she can push the fear out during the day, when she’s busy, but not at night.

Assuring Chloe that nothing happened in Italy, Adam leaves her to tell Sally that there’s been some terrible, personal fallout from their plan; fallout she wants to warn Sally about.

Arriving at TGP, Adam gets a call from Chelsea (about Connor’s schoolwork) He tried calling but wasn’t able to reach her – so what’s the problem?

Mariah thanks Dominic for listening – kinda like old times. She’s about to leave but turns around when hearing him gurgle in his bassinet.

Abby wasn’t prepared for Chance to be gone so long and hopes Devon will give her a pep talk. You know he’s doing everything in his power to come home to you and his son, Devon thinks Abby has every right to be frustrated, then lists everyone supporting her.

When Devon arrives at Society to meet him (in Nick’s place) Adam’s grateful for a reason to hang up with Chelsea (and says as much) Devon finds it refreshing, the way Adam’s stepped up as a father. Downplaying the little family disagreement that won’t affect the New Hope-Newman Media relationship, Adam wants to get down to business.

This is a nice surprise, Abby comes home. Of course, Mariah’s welcome over any time. Mariah admits that she didn’t go to Italy because Dominic had a cold – but didn’t stop by for fear of overstepping. She doesn’t want things to be awkward. Speaking of awkward, I brought breast milk. Abby’s switching Dominic to formula and hopes that’s not a problem.