Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Lauren’s not happy that her dress was cast aside in favour of yours, Chloe relays to Sally – I should have given her a heads up and will deal with the consequences of my actions. Feeling terrible, if there’s anything she can do, Sally will do it. Lauren arrives on cue – ‘you’ve already done enough.

Sally gets why Lauren’s mad. I had to fire you but thought you’d still respect me, Lauren reams her out for stealing/replacing her designers’ dress right before Vikki’s ceremony. You’ll alienate everyone sooner rather than later – the best thing you can do is leave town. Knowing she can’t change Lauren’s mind, Sally leaves CL’s. Chloe wonders if there’s still a chance that she and Lauren can mend their relationship.

Adam misses being Devon’s neighbour (he moved?) Call Chelsea back and make things right – she feels left out, Devon urges Adam to take the high road.

Mariah loved having a unique role in Dominic’s life so it’s hard to hear her breast milk is no longer needed. But I need to get back to being myself, she admits – another reason she didn’t go to Italy is that she couldn’t pretend to be happy; she stayed home to do some reflecting. Did you come to any decisions? Abby asks. Yes, Mariah did.

Dropping by to see how Abby is, Devon’s glad to see Mariah. She has something to say – I love you both. Mariah’s having a hard time letting go and sorting through her emotions but believe me when I say I’m doing much better now. Devon and Abby are happy to hear it. She wants Mariah to play a big role in Dominic’s life.

Still at TGP, Adam takes Devon’s advice and calls Chelsea to say that he won’t make any more decisions without consulting her. The conversation soon ends with Chelsea hanging up on him. When Sally arrives to wanting to help, Adam’s cold – I said I was fine – what do you want?

Lauren thinks she was a bit harsh on Chloe (who apologizes) You were misguided. Cut Sally off before she stabs you in the back, is Lauren’s advice to Chloe.

Sally just wanted to give Adam a heads up about her run in with Lauren (and needed a friendly ear) You don’t work for her and Vikki made her own decision, Adam points out – don’t beat yourself up about it. Sally appreciates the perspective but wishes she could reciprocate. Adam heads off to his meeting – see you later.

Mariah gone, Abby’s now in a much better mood (thanks to her and Devon) Knowing he has more important things to do, she sends him off – don’t worry about me. But once alone, she wonders aloud about Chance.

Tessa’s asleep on the bed when Mariah comes home to read the card and open the gift (a teddy bear Tessa bought at the airport because she had no time to shop in Italy). Mariah goes over to gently awaken Tessa. She’s been made some important decisions – but that can wait – sleep.