Thursday. October 21 st, 2021

Change of plans – after a pit stop to pick up Noah’s things in London, be and Nick surprise Sharon at CL’s.

Tessa wakes up to find Mariah on her laptop. We have something important to think about.

At the estate, Ashley cradles Dominic as she talks about what a crybaby Abby was. Abby wishes Chance wasn’t missing so much of his son’s development.

In Vikki’s office, legal and finance are wrapped up – next is PR. Though work has piled up, Ashland certainly doesn’t regret marrying Vikki – though he’s given her reasons to.

At home, Billy doesn’t regret deleting Gaines’ video but wonders why he didn’t publish it. Lily can tell that he’s rattled by Victor’s threat.

Abby can’t even send Chance a message or photo – doesn’t know what Continent he’s even on. This assignment has gone on for too long – I don’t even know what the assignment is. Listing all Abby’s supporters, Ashley’s glad to hear that Mariah’s doing better.

Mariah realizes it wasn’t fair to spring the idea of a baby on Tessa – I don’t know what I was thinking. You were traumatized. No – it was misguided and Mariah’s sorry – nothing matters more than what we have. Tessa spent most of her time in Tuscany worrying that she’s pushed Mariah away ~hug~

Victor usually doesn’t tip his hand like this, Billy agrees – Adam told him that ChanceCom would never see it happening when Newman Media came. Maybe Victor wants to distract us.

Vikki couldn’t love her husband-business partner more if she tried. Just focus on fighting this cancer. Ashland will – for her.

Nick and Noah tell Sharon all about the villa. She’s sure Nick enjoyed experiencing it with Phyllis and loved photos online of Vikki’s dress. Sharon suspects Noah didn’t just suddenly come home to GC. He feels he may be getting into a rut in London; it might be time for a change.

Mariah knows she has to learn to manage her maternal feelings towards Dominic. After seeing him earlier and having a nice talk with Abby, Mariah’s determined to play a big part in Dominic’s life.

Getting a call from Chris, Abby tells her Mom that she’s stopping by with news on Chance.

Mariah and Tessa decide to go celebrate at Society.