Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Nick lets himself into Phyllis’ suite. Noting the candles, plates of food, and empty champagne bottle, he’s afraid to ask what happened last night. You mean what didn’t happen last night, a hungover Phyllis wobbles out of the bathroom to comment accusingly.

Vikki’s left a message with the oncologist – Ashland’s reached out to a doctor in NY for a second opinion. Billy’s message (wanting to meet) goes ignored as Nate arrives at Vikki’s office to ask how bad the news is they just got.

Picking up the bottle (upside down in the ice bucket) Nick had no idea Phyllis had planned a romantic evening. She gets that Christian comes first but doesn’t like being blown off. It’s too late to talk now, she drags her hungover (but still fabulous) body out to go deal with ‘hotel things’.

Noah’s at CL’s to admire the new decor and chat with his Mom about Faith being grown-up and seeing Moses. When Elena comes in, it’s clear she’s not her usual bubbly self.

Startling ‘Red’ at the bar, Jack’s breakfast meeting just got canceled. Yes, Phyllis’ day’s off to a rocky start too. She’s hungover and wasn’t able to make up with Nick. Maybe I’m blowing things out of proportion. You’ve never done that before, Jack quips. His offer to listen is gratefully accepted.

After looking at the test results on Ashland’s phone, Nate knows he and Vikki must be disappointed. They want to ask his opinion on an alternative treatment they read about in Peru. Putting his arm around his wife, Ashland wants any extra time he can get with her.

Explaining that she worked the nightshift and still has jetlag, Elena orders coffee and chats with Noah. After she leaves, Sharon informs that she lives upstairs. Noah just assumed she lived with Nate – but understands why some couples need to live apart. Sharon correctly guesses he’s referring to whatever happened in London – how worried should I be?

Coming downstairs, Nick sees Jack seated in the lobby and Phyllis at the bar with two cups in her hand. So – you have time for coffee with Jack but not to work things out with me, he complains.

Phyllis just needed space and thought Jack could bring her down a notch is all. She’s angry, hurt – and didn’t want to say the wrong thing. We’re not in synch. You’ve got nothing to be scared of, he says before leaving (glancing at Jack on his way out) Phyllis is a bigger mess now – can we get out of here please? You don’t have to ask a second time, Jack says soothingly.

Your Dad and I just want to know what’s going on, Sharon coaxes. Noah admits to being in a serious relationship in London – he doesn’t want his heart broken and needed a change. I’m just glad you’re here, Sharon hugs him.

Nate thinks the Locke’s should talk to the oncologist. He’s not open to alternatives, they complain. OK, a second or third opinion can’t hurt and Nate’s happy to help. Email the info on this Peruvian treatment and he’ll look it over asap. Leaving the office, he pauses to look less than hopeful.