Wednesday, October 26th, 2021

At the estate, Abby’s loved ones fuss over her until Chris finishes her call and hands her phone over to show a photo – so Abby can ‘make a positive identification’. Oh my God, Abby bursts into tears as Devon, Mariah, Tessa and Ashley watch on.

With the kids on the swings with Ester, Chloe whines to Kevin that Lauren hasn’t ‘liked’ any of the photos she posted of Bella and Myles in their Halloween costumes. Kevin dissuades her from paying her a visit – give Lauren some space. As for Sally, Chloe can’t guarantee she won’t pull any more stunts.

Remaining out of sight, Adam listens to Sally telling Billy how much she likes and respects him – then strides onto the CL’s patio to exchange barbs with Billy; from whom he smells the sad stench of desperation.

As requested, Abby describes what’s in the picture, Chance’s watch partially buried beneath rubble. She believes it’s a good sign – he wouldn’t be wearing a watch engraved with his full name while undercover. All hope and pray that Chance was elsewhere.

Adam’s heard Billy’s warnings about him before. And Sally’s nobody’s victim (she’s not being pulled into Adam’s ‘web’) Billy claims he IS doing his job – it’s part of a CEO’s job to destroy the competition (one thing Adam agrees with)

When Lily comes into the coffee shop, Sharon directs her attention to the patio – get Billy to leave Adam alone! she implores (as Rey listens from the doorway, unimpressed)

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Back at the park, Chloe gets yet another message regarding Sally. When Chelsea comes back things will really blow up, she predicts. It could blow up in a bad way, Kevin warns it might be a recipe for disaster (if Sally and Chelsea battle over Adam) Chloe’s sure it’ll be great for everyone.

Billy congratulates Adam for being able to convince women that he’s a poor, misunderstood soul. You do know what happened to Chelsea, right? Sally reiterates that she’s capable of looking out for herself. Adam’s likely been warned about me too – we’re both rebuilding our lives. Take your own advice and stay away from me, Adam suggests to Billy.

Lily thinks everything looks calm on the patio. She doesn’t control what Billy does and is surprised that Adam asked Sharon to intervene on his behalf; he did ask you, right? Sharon excuses herself to clumsily ask Rey how long he’s been standing there. Coming in to order two coffees to go, Billy doesn’t think what he and Adam were discussing bears repeating.

Abby knows ‘exactly’ what happened; Chance left the watch behind and wasn’t in the building when the bomb went off. Chris reminds that no one’s seen him but agrees to call her contacts again. That leaves Abby to insist everyone not give up on Chance, just like we didn’t give up on Mariah. Chance WILL come home to me and Dominic!