Thursday, October 28th, 2021

At the penthouse, Devon tells Amanda that he hasn’t heard from Abby and is very worried about how she’ll react if Chance is dead.

Victor drops by the estate to fuss over Abby – and scold her for leaving the front door unlocked.

Strolling through the park, Tessa’s worried about Abby, while Mariah’s even more worried about Bowie.

Joining Nick in her suite, Phyllis won’t be won over by yogurt and fresh fruit. He wants to talk – it’s the only way we’ll get past this. OK, Phyllis will try.

Neither Phyllis or Nick regret the past year and a half together but where do we start? An apology. Phyllis doesn’t have anything to apologize for. Nick meant he owed an apology.

Mariah can tell that Abby’s emotional state is affecting Bowie. The possibility that Chance is gone makes her appreciate having Tessa. Noah pauses his jog to chat with the girls. And when Mariah’s summoned to work, he yet again offers to lend Tess an ear. It’s about Abby, she begins.

Abby sent her Mom home to get some rest – she won’t just sit around waiting for news on Chance. She’s done some research online – reports claim that the explosion was caused by a gas leak; Chris said it was an explosion. Victor’s done some research of his own – a bomb was planted; Chance and his colleagues were the targets.

Chance being exposed as an agent doesn’t mean he isn’t laying low to protect his team. Victor’s sources tell him that four of Chance’s agents are listed as killed in action. But Chance isn’t on that list! Abby remains stubbornly hopeful.

Devon doesn’t understand why Chance would risk wearing an engraved watch when undercover – or why he’d even take a dangerous assignment. If he was killed in that blast, Abby will need a lot of support. And she’ll get it, Amanda’s supportive.

Nick agrees that Kyle and Summer’s wedding was fun – but Vikki’s wasn’t. He didn’t think the way Phyllis handled his family drama ‘productive’. And she clearly hasn’t forgiven Nick for not supporting her when she went after Sally.

We don’t deal with our little issues; we just hop into bed. Nick’s surprised that’s worked as long as it has. They appreciate each other but not every aspect of each other’s personalities (same argument as last year) Yes, Nick WILL always be close to his family. Phyllis knows he’ll make up with them; you’re never gonna chance – they won’t change – and neither will I.

Asking about Sutton’s trial, Devon doesn’t think it fair of Mike to ask Amanda to testify. She’s decided to take the stand against her grandfather.

Abby’s sure Chance is coming home to her, Tessa swears Noah to secrecy. He knows it must be hard on Mariah – and Tessa.