Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Told that Chris wanted to be the one to call Nina, Victor thinks she should do it now. Hugging Abby before she goes to call Chris, Victor’s left to look at Christian when he starts to wail.

Devon wishes Amanda wouldn’t take the stand but supports her 100%. Praised for being so supportive, he proves he’s no Saint by confiding that he’s mad at Chance. Knowing how worried about Abby he is, Amanda sends Devon to check on her.

Coming back to see her Dad holding Dominic, Abby runs out saying she shouldn’t be around him when she’s like this. Passing her at the front door, Mariah asks what’s wrong. Victor doesn’t have time to explain. Handing Dominic to Mariah, he goes after Abby.

We love each other; we’re happy, Nick declares. Are you really happy? Phyllis isn’t and if Nick was being honest with himself he’d say the same thing, she’s sure.

Nick objects to Phyllis putting words in his mouth and implying he’s not being honest. Or are you saying I’m not smart enough to know how I feel? We’re a lot more than hot sex and video games. Who says that?! Phyllis demands to know who he’s been talking to about their relationship. Nick, of course mentions Jack waiting in the wings for her.

When Devon arrives at the estate, Mariah explains that Victor went out to find Abby. We need to take care of her and this precious baby.

In the park, Abby’s in tears – Chance said he’d come back to her and she knows he wouldn’t break his word. When Victor joins her, Abby worries about Dominic; she’s not sure why she’s such a mess, since she’s sure Chance is OK. Victor offers supportive words and a hug.

Mariah feels she needs to stick around. Both she and Decon want to be there for Abby. When Chris comes by, her expression reveals that she does indeed have news.

Our issues have nothing to do with Jack – he’s a friend to me. When Nick persists, Phyllis asserts – this is about us, nobody else. OK, are we together in this or not? Nick needs to know.

If you need anything, call me, Victor invites – you have a lot of people who love you (like Mariah and Devon) Abby tells Chris that she doesn’t want to be coddled. Chris hands over a ring in a baggie; is this Chance’s? Taking it, Abby’s tears begin to flow again.

Next Week: Jack is with Nikki at Society – listing all the poeple Nick’s not getting along with. Nikki adds Phyllis to the list; what do you know about what’s going on between them? … At the estate, Nina and Abby cry/hug ….What the hell, Billy (and Lily) are horrified to find a dirty, disheveled and desperate Jesse at their door – I had nowhere else to go – can you hide me???? ….

My Thoughts: Kinda rich (excuse the pun) for billionaire Victor to scold Abby for not locking her front door when he never does himself. In fact, when has anyone ever locked their doors? ….Nick and Phyllis are equally annoying and hypocritical (Phyllis slightly moreso for her having the nerve to be outraged at the thought of Nick talking to someone about their relationship) Phyllis is a hot mess today – look carefully at her hands. They look dirty (but if I had to guess it’s either bad lighting OR, she forgot to wash her hands after applying tanning cream to her face) And that dress! It fits her like a glove – but the darts on the boobs are SO prominent and unfortunately placed… Perhaps the Scooby-Doo gang shouldn’t be discussing government undercover operations. And if Chris wants to know if the ring belongs to Chance, why doesn’t she get it tested for his DNA; she does work for the Department of Defence after all; she should have some resources. And who cares where Chance is – the real question is ‘where is Paul Williams’??? … We’ve seen exterior shots of Chancellor Park – and of the Chancellor Estate. Even if they were located side by side, there’s no way Abby and Victor could sprint from the house to the only piece of grass anyone ever uses.