Friday, October 29th, 2021

Running into one another at CL’s, Nikki and Jack chat. He praises what a good job she did planning the Locke’s wedding – Nikki worries that Vikki may not have done a lot of thinking about how bad things could get if Ashland’s treatment doesn’t work.

Ring in her hand, a sobbing Abby’s saved from collapsing to the floor by her Father.

When Adam strolls into Society, Sally wonders which of his personalities he is today; ah – mea culpa Adam (an intriguing new edition to his cast of characters) He can’t have dinner with her because he’s there for a meeting.

Of course Phyllis is in this with Nick – can we table this? She’s still hungover and not at her best. Assuming the food he arranged is cold, Nick invites Phyllis to lunch. Neither accepting or declining, she unsteady heads to the bathroom.

Sally and Adam continue to banter. Sadly, he can’t bail on his lunch date. Sally wonders if it has something to do with the missing guy, Gaines.

Convincing Nikki to go out for lunch with him, Jack wastes no time helping her into her coat and escorting her out to Society.

Ashley arrives to hear that Chance’s ring was found. She’s about to console Abby when Dominic starts to cry. Abby jumps up to pluck him out of his bassinet.

** No time for proofreading or spellcheck today folks.

Sally’s still getting a lot of buzz from Vikki’s dress – and looks forward to working with another creative genius (Chelsea) When Victor’s PI guy arrives to meet Adam, Sally’s curiosity is piqued.

Devon and Mariah decide to take Dominique out for a walk, so that Abby and her parents can talk to Chris.

At Society, Nick tells Phyllis that the guy over there with Adam is his Dad’s most trusted PI – he wants her ‘unvarnished’ opinion. Glancing over, Phyllis doesn’t care what they’re up to – can you let it go??

Remember how annoyed you were when I told you to back off on Sally and Tara? Nick asks. That’s different – I was protecting our daughter, Phyllis reminds. Wishing Nick would focus more on THEIR relationship between Newman family disasters, she’s pleased when Nick suggests they go elsewhere for lunch. When Nikki arrives with Jack, she finds an unlikely ally in Phyllis – also wanting Nick to make up with his sister, she insists they have lunch with Nikki and Jack.

At the door, Chris and Victor agree to keep each other posted. Yes, she’ll tell Nina. Giving Chris a parting hug, Victor looks in at Ashley fussing over Abby. The only thing she needs is Chance.

Abby would feel something if Chance was dead – does Nina know? Chris is handling it, Victor says before getting up to answer the door and updating Sharon. Ashley appreciates Sharon coming and hopes she can get through to Abby.