Friday, October 29th, 2021

At CL’s, Tessa apologizes to Devon for being insensitive; of course, you know what Abby’s going through. He does and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Nikki wonders what’s going on over there (points over to Adam and the PI) Huh, Jack hadn’t heard the name Jesse Gaines, so it’s news to him that he’s a guy Nick stopped him from derailing the wedding. And it’s news to Nick that his Mom knew more than she let on – Victor found dirt on Gaines and convinced him to keep his mouth shut. The tension between Nick and Phyllis then threatens to bubble over.

After Adam leaves, Jack asks Nick and Phyllis for recommendations on a videogame to play with Harrison. What’s the one you’ve been playing with Christian? Nick prods her. Obviously not caring one bit, Phyllis will look it up online. Lying that she’s been summoned away for a hotel emergency, she can’t escape fast enough. Is everything OK between the two of you? Nikki asks. And when Jack excuses himself to call his assistant, Nick asks his Mom why Adam’s meeting with Dad’s PI. Getting no info, he wonders if she’s really OK leaving Vic’s future in the hands of Dad and Adam.

Devon explains that grief isn’t just one emotion (and lists a bunch of them) When he worries about Abby, Mariah worries about the impact all this stress will have on Dominic.

Mariah told me the terrible news, Sharon’s so sorry and asks Abby if she’d like to talk – or we can just sit here. If Abby opens that door, she might start screaming and not stop. She can’t fall apart. Sharon lists the losses Abby’s already endured. Why is this happening? she cries.

Devon’s sure Dominic will be a source of comfort for Abby. Mariah’s not so convinced. Tessa’s glad Sharon’s talking to her.

Abby tells Sharon that she lost it in front of the baby when Chris gave her Chance’s ring. Sharon thinks she’s reacting normally. In the background with Ashley, Victor sends a text. We need to support our daughter.

Back at Newman Media, Sally hands Adam her phone – looks like it’s been reported that we’re a ‘thing’. That was fast, he comments when Chelsea calls. Good luck, Sally leaves him (to ignore the call)

Jack feels bad that Nick’s not getting along with his Father, Adam, Vic. And Phyllis – Nikki wonders how much Jack knows about the tension between those two. Maybe the less said, the better – they’ve hit a bump in the road but will work it out.

Nick’s at TGP to exchange more tense words with Phyllis. Who are we kidding? This isn’t going to work, she’s decided.