Monday, November 1st, 2021

At CL’s, Dominic sleeps in his stroller as Devon, Tessa and Mariah debate whether Chance survived the explosion or not.

‘Thanks again’, Ashley calls out to Sharon as she closes the front door. Both she and Victor feel helpless to alleviate Abby’s suffering. Just a few feet away, Abby lays on the sofa.

You’re such a brave little boy, Mariah chatters to Dominic – she tried to keep her anxiety away from him when they were trapped in that room – do you think he’s OK? Perfect in every way – Tessa’s more concerned that this situation is bringing up trauma for Mariah.

Victor tells Ashley that he’s asked Nate to come over – better to err on the side of caution. Hoping that it’s not necessary; that Abby won’t have a break with reality (as she once did) Ashley goes to sit with her daughter.

Mariah appreciates Tessa’s concern – but I’m fine. This isn’t about me – she hopes Dominic isn’t absorbing the negativity in the house. Agreeing with Devon that Dominic’s in good hands, Tessa suggests they go back to their room to rest. Soon – Mariah wants to be here in case Dominic needs her.

Victor thanks Nate for coming on such short notice. Sharon was here – she thinks Abby’s in a state of denial. Victor suggests some low-dose anti-anxiety pills. When Abby comes out of the kitchen with her Mom, Nate explains that he’s here as a friend, not a doctor. Abby will talk to Nate but wants her Mom to stay close by. Insisting that she’s not in a state of denial, Abby doesn’t think Chance is alive, she KNOWS it.

Getting a text, Devon updates that Nate’s with Abby – and she’s asked him to bring Dominic home. When Mariah reluctantly agrees, Devon promises he’ll get Dominic safely home. You kept him safe – now it’s time for other people to keep him safe. Following Mariah out, Tessa pauses to look back at Devon; both are worried.

Nate talks about losing his fiance – how hard it was to admit she was gone. This is different – you saw Caroline, Abby points out that she doesn’t have that. Nate understands – it’s common when we lose someone abruptly, we don’t want to give up hope. Abby was in shock when Chris gave her Chance’s ring – he promised to come home – and he will, Abby’s sure. Stop trying to placate me! she snaps at Nate.

If Chance is still out there you owe it to him to stay healthy – eat. Nate’s having some low-dose anti-anxiety meds delivered. Ashley encourages Abby to have a nap.