Monday, November 8th, 2021

Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Running into each other at Society, the conversation between Nick and Phyllis is forced and awkward. Which one of them will tell Summer that her parents aren’t together anymore?

At CL’s, Sharon apologizes to Lily – she shouldn’t have asked her to rein Billy in. Lily hasn’t been ‘sucked in’ by Billy – she just came from seeing Sharon’s ex – HE’S the one with the vendetta who needs to be reined in! she snaps before marching out.

Seated at his desk, Adam would like to know what evidence Billy will use to bring him, Victor and Ashland down. Billy has Camilla’s original letter that proves Ashland built his empire on a stolen inheritance – wouldn’t it be a shame if that empire came crashing down?

At the ranch, Vikki reassures her Mom that (per Ashland) whatever he’s up to with Victor and Adam won’t harm the children. Victor comes home to say that Abby’s teetering between acceptance and denial – and about to do something very risky.

Abby thinks it generous of Mariah to offer to watch Dominic but it’s not necessary – there’s plenty of people who can take care of him. Nina clearly doesn’t think Abby going to Spain a good idea but Devon’s more vocal in his objection.

Yes, Billy’s aware that the statute of limitations has long expired; Ashland won’t be criminally charged but him lining his pockets with money that should have gone to charity will lead to civil suits and damaged reputations (to him, Newman-Locke and Newman Media) Don’t attack ChanceCom and we won’t publish the story. Adam says ‘no’ to a sad bluff from a desperate man.

‘Poor Abby’, Nikki and Vikki are saddened by Victor’s news – he’s going back over there again ‘as soon as he can’. Vikki’s going to see her sister before she and Ashland leave for Peru. Yes, she’ll try to talk Abby out of going to search for Chance. Nikki sees no need for Victor to go back to the Chancellor Estate; Ashley, Devon and Nina are there.

Phyllis will tell Summer – unless Nick plans to call her with the other news. No, Nick hadn’t heard that Chance may have been ‘killed in the line of duty’.

Devon wants Abby to think it through. She HAS thought it through! And she WAS going to ask him to watch Dominic, but, never mind, she has plenty of friends and family who will. Mariah’s eyebrows shoot up – yes, you do. Refusing to listen to Devon and Nina, Abby is sick and tired of being told to let the State Department handle the search – they’re the ones who sent Chance into that dangerous situation in the first place!!

Nick scowls – he was kept out of the loop. Phyllis won’t comment on the family not telling him – she can’t imagine what Abby’s going through. She never got to introduce Chance to his son. I’m here if you need to talk. I gotta go, Nick marches out, completely ignoring Jack. It’s definitely over, Phyllis tells him.