Friday, November 5th, 2021

When Devon drops by the estate, Nina gives him an update – Victor and Ashley stayed over, Abby’s resting, Chris is on the phone with the State Department. Hello everyone! Abby pours coffee and announces that she’s flying to the safe house in Spain to piece together what became of her husband. Nina and Devon look concerned, Chris huffs in disbelief – that’s a terrible idea.

Vikki’s at the ranch to tell her Mom that she and Ashland are on standby to fly to Peru (for his new treatment) Nikki prays it’s the answer they’re looking for. But when Vikki grumbles about Dad and Adam going after Billy, Nikki says he brought it all on himself.

Oh, Lily didn’t know it’s casual day. Billy’s not going to the office – he’s going to the motel to check on Gaines. Wanting NOTHING to do with Billy’s plan to bring down Newman Media, a furious Lily slams out.

At the park for a run, Mariah thanks Noah for joining her. This is where Stitch kidnapped me, she adds. When she asks Noah why he came home, she can tell there’s a story he’s not ready to share.

Chris has been in constant touch with her contacts. She’s sure they’ll get answers. The agents on the ground are experienced operatives. Yes, but Abby has a connection with Chance that no one else does. Every fiber of her being tells her that Chance he’s alive!

Lily accosts Vikki at CL’s – why are you escalating this war? Victor and Adam are coming after Billy and you’re just gonna let it happen?!

Vikki’s got her hands full with the merger and Ashland’s health. It sounds like Billy’s being Billy and that’s causing a rift between him and Lily. Why not go directly to the source? You know what? You’re right. I’m wasting my time with you, Lily snaps and clip-clops out.

It’s a ‘love thing’, Noah admits. Mariah’s sort of going through a love thing too – she still misses Dominic. Race you! she suddenly runs off with Noah in pursuit.

You have no idea what you’d be walking into! Chris squawks. Abby believes people will be more inclined to talk to her, a concerned wife, than someone from the US government. She wants to be told immediately when her parents get back from doing groceries. She’ll pack and be ready to get on the Newman jet. Nina surprises Chris and Devon by saying maybe they shouldn’t try to stop her.

Nina thinks Abby seeing the scene for herself might make her come to terms with the loss. She’d even go with her. Devon doesn’t think Abby’s in a strong emotional place right now – she wouldn’t be going for closure and to make peace (like Nina) Devon also points out that Abby didn’t mention Dominic once. He’s not signing off on this and begs them not to either. Chris agrees – Abby would be putting herself and her family (including Dominic) in danger.