Wednesday, November 9th, 2021

Phyllis has accompanied Jack back to the hotel – he’s there to work out. Chloe and Sally arrive to witness Phyllis kiss Jack on the cheek – and the way he gazes at her as she walks away.

Finished testifying, Amanda and Mike clink beer bottles at the penthouse. After a quick update, Devon will see her later. He opens the estate’s front door. Nick stands awkwardly on the front step – with a pie.

Amanda wants an honest opinion from Mike – do you think my grandfather is one step closer to being convicted?

Devon tells Nick how devastated Abby is. We’ll make sure she gets what she needs, Nick vows.

At TGP, Sally admits she was ‘a a little miffed’. You don’t still have hope you’ll get back together, do you? Chloe asks.

Mike credits Amanda with being poised and eloquent on the stand (flashback to her testimony) Mike appreciates her testimony as a friend and a prosecutor. On the stand, she wants justice for her Father. You did him proud, Mike assures.

**Took a sick day yesterday. It’s in my contract 🙂

At the estate, Abby thanks Nick for coming. He doesn’t her apology for not telling him herself ~hug~

In TGP, Sally rants to Chloe about Phyllis – who appears behind her to say ‘take your best shot’

Sally wonders what Nick would think about a little scene she witnessed (and recorded) in Tuscany). Phyllis maintains that her personal lie is none of Dally’s business.

Abby’s all talked out – but there is something Nick can do.

More flashbacks of Amanda on the stand. Sutton Ames puts himself above all. He had his grandbabies sent away, her Father killed to protect the secret. When he felt the walls closing in, Sutton had his daughter charged. That man has proven that he’ll do whatever it takes to protect himself. She tells Devon that she won’t step foot in the courtroom again, though appreciated Imani’s support. Devon reports that things are bad for Abby, and he worries it’ll get a lot worse.

Abby would like Nick to tell her about the weddings. He describes an intimate, perfect gathering for Summer and Kyle. Vikki’s was a Newman 5 star event. Let’s get out of here. Abby agrees,

Back at the penthouse, Devon sees a lot of red flags for Abby. The stress is affecting Dominic. It would be best to get him out of that house.