Wednesday, November 9th, 2021

Sally tells Sally that her bomb’s a dud. Hey Cloe, can you get your friend out of here? As the ladies leave, Jack arrives.

Neither Jack nor Phyllis remember an occurrence in Tuscany that Sally could use against them. Advising Phyllis not to let Sally get under her skin, Jack’s sent off to his meeting.

Amanda knows Abby has the mechanisms to cope that Dominic doesn’t. Devon’s not sure it’s time to pull the trigger, He goes back to monitor Abby (fully supported by Amanda) Amanda gets a text from Phyllis – she needs a friend.

Nick pushes the stroller. Abby stands at the spot where Chance proposed – he promised to love me forever and that our future would be filled with hope and possibility. Dominic begins to fuss.

Seated on a bench, Abby doesn’t even register Dominic’s cries. Nick picks him up and soothes him,

Dismissing Sally, Mike hopes to see Chloe and Kevin later for dinner. Still on her apology tour, Chloe will bring pie. After Mike leaves, Sally grumbles that Lauren will forgive Chloe but not her. Give the self-pity a rest, Chloe snaps.

Seated alone at Society, Jack flashes back to him and Phyllis declaring their love for one another.

Amanda would rather not talk about the case. Phyllis thinks her friendship with Jack may have hindered her relationship with Nick. He claims to have seen more going on than meets the eye. Was there? Yes, but not in the way you think.

Lauren and I are family, Chloe points out – plus, she’s stopped her antics. Sally should quit complaining about the mess she put herself in. You’re right, Sally agrees.

Seated at a table for one, Jack really, really wants to contact Phyllis.

Amanda thinks it normal to be able to open up to a friend over a lover. Yes, and Phyllis appreciates Jack’s advice. He supports my relationship with Nick. Amanda hears that Phyllis cheated on Jack with Nick. Maybe you’re not fully over Jack, Amanda suggests,

Now back at the estate, Nick understands Devon’s concern; Abby’s not herself. She was too distracted to even hear Dominic crying.