Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

At ChanceCom, Billy’s not worried that Adam hasn’t called – they have until 6pm. Maybe it’s time to prove that Gaines isn’t on a beach counting his money. Surprised that neither Adam or Victor have sent Vikki over to put a stop to them, Lily still thinks this is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, at Newman Media, Adam gets a call from his source – Billy hasn’t left the building; he’s probably still trying to convince Lily to go along with his plan. Victor’s disappointed with Lily, he expected better of Neil’s daughter. She’s the smarter of the two, Adam even offered her a job.

Dominic screaming in her arms, Abby ‘can’t seem to calm him down’ but rejects Nina’s various helpful suggestions. Just get the bottle, please, her tone bars further discussion.

Sally’s got her ear to the door as Adam talks about toying with Billy – let him think we’ll negotiate. Naw, Victor’s sure Billy will be calling them soon. Did you hear something juice? Ashley busts Sally.

Lily worries the Newmans will come at them even harder (due to Billy’s ultimatum) Adam and Victor want to preserve Ashland’s reputation but they’ll be swamped with lawsuits. Billy’s off to see if Gaines will go along with the plan. Lily’s attempt to tag along is thwarted by Devon’s arrival. Is this a bad time? No – a perfect time – Lily looks forward to catching up with you, Billy exits with a kiss.

Having things to discuss with Victor, Ashley tells Sally to find something else to do – elsewhere.

Yes, Ashley would like Adam to leave her and Victor alone. Chance was a helluva guy, he hasn’t visited Abby because he doesn’t want to upset her. Ashley will pass along his condolences. Ashley’s left to share her concern that Abby will be crushed by her grief.

** Still not feeling 100%. There will be mistakes.

When Nina returns with a bottle, Abby assures her that she’s capable of feeding her son. We can get through this, she shushes Dominic (who still manages to whine with a bottle in his mouth)

Sometimes Billy and I have differing points of view on how to run the company – but it all works out, Lily shrugs it off. Needing his sister’s advice, he updates her on Chance’s presumed death and Abby’s emotional state. He doesn’t know the ‘right way to help’.

Dominic now sleeping, Nina’s suggestion that she get some rest is loudly rejected- she has to check on the restaurant. Everyone helping her is appreciated but she doesn’t want to be ‘weak’. She has so much to do, including calling Jill.

At CL’s. Rey’s surprised to hear that Billy called off the search for Gaines. Sharon brings Billy his order. Oh, it’s not for Lily; his team is working on a BIG story. Good to see you Detective, Billy has only aroused suspicion. Rey finds it odd that Billy no longer suspects Adam of wrongdoing and is instead almost defending him. That IS strange, Sharon agrees.

‘Chance would want me to lighten your load’, Nina has already called Philip and Jill (who will grieve in her own way). You don’t need to call anybody right now. Getting a text from Chris, Nina leaves to call her. Abby takes a pill from a prescription bottle and looks at it quizzically.

Devon struggles with everyone being irrational (when there’s Dominic to consider) Abby and Nina were ready to get on a plane and Mariah was eager to watch the baby while they were gone. Yes, Mariah did move out because she was too close to the baby. But she’s right, Dominic is absorbing all the stress in the house. Lily suggests Abby have the nanny work more hours. Devon thinks it a better idea to move Dominic out of the house until things ‘stabilize’.

Billy’s at the motel to bring Jesse coffee and sweets – and to discuss how to move forward. Jesse sees only one option – taking Ashland down. The Newmans are coming after ChanceCom, Billy has employees to consider. No, he’s not chickening out. We ARE on the same team. Are you going to expose Locke for the fraud he is or not? Jesse’s pissed – I KNEW I shouldn’t have trusted you. He’ll find a journalist with guts and Billy will have missed out on this huge story. Stupid move.

Who’s going to protect you when Victor comes after you? Billy will be too busy protecting ChanceCom. Jesse’s been waiting half his life to take Locke down. Why didn’t you release the letter a long time ago? You enjoyed the blackmail money. By waiting you maximized your value. Now you have two huge entities who’ll pay to keep you quiet. Withholding that letter is your superpower. We can hold it over Victor’s head – Jesse can live a nice life far away from this miss. Let Ashland spend his last days wondering when you’ll expose him. Jesse does like the sound of that.

Devon doesn’t know how Abby will react. No, he has no doubts about her ability to be a parent but she’ll be able to grieve and heal more easily without having Dominic to take care of. He has no legal status, so Abby would have to agree. Lily’s good advice is to talk to Ashley.

At CL’s, Ashley will let Sharon know if and when Abby wants professional help. Sally then appears – twice in one day; this must mean I should interview you. Ashley doesn’t want to be rude but hell no. Why? She has a list; what she did to Summer, Jack etc. etc. Sally doesn’t know why she even cares about getting back in the Abbott’s good graces (and leaves)

Still at Newman Media, Adam gets a message Victor will be interested in. They watch a video on his tablet. Hello Gentleman – looks like I have a few more lives left in me (he smirks as he brings a CL’s cup up to his mouth)

Abby’s practically in a coma on the sofa as Dominic wails in his bassinet.

At CL’s, Ashley and Devon start out exchanging nice words. Devon doesn’t want to overstep or offend anybody.

Jessa’s still standing – and still has Camilla’s letter – the one you took was a copy. The original is safe and secure. At least that’s what Billy tells me (Billy waves in the background) You should be grateful to ole Billy – if he didn’t convince me to be patient, Locke’s greed and fraud would be front-page news. That’s exactly what I want – and what will happen if you don’t do what Billy tells you to.

Billy’s giddy about Victor and Adam having to tell Ashland that they lost control of the situation while he gained the upper hand. Jesse just wants to live in anonymous comfort for the rest of his days. Just as I planned – Billy gets a text from Adam. What the hell? Adam says ‘nice try’ futile attempt but I enjoyed watching you work so hard. Billy has no idea what game Adam’s playing. Lock the door and don’t answer to anyone but me, Billy will be in touch.

You think Dominic should stay with you? Yes, Devon does, just temporarily of course – until Abby feels like herself. Ashley thinks that a sweet offer and Abby is struggling – but she has all of us and the nanny – she’s surrounded by love. Devon’s issue is that everyone is grieving Chance. Dominic’s absorbing all those emotions. Devon’s concerned about the long-term effects. Ashley thinks the Mother-Child bond being created is important; Dominic needs to stay. Devon thinks she raises a good point and hopes she’s right.

Abby awakens to find Dominic in Nina’s arms. Yes, he was crying a bit – he’s a bit gassy. Abby took a pill and was knocked out. I wasn’t there when Dominic needed me. That’s what grandmas are for. Of course he knows who his Mother is. I don’t think I can do this, Abby admits in tears.

Billy’s back at ChanceCom – they’d expose Ashland if the Newmans didn’t back off. Adam’s response was ‘nice try’. It’s like he’s daring us to do it. Is Adam working against Ashland? He wasn’t threatened by our threat. We need to figure it out – fast. Why’s that? Rey appears.

Billy’s back in the office now? Adam’s on his phone – it’s time to pull the trigger and blow this thing wide open. In the doorway, Sally gasps.

My Thoughts: Does Billy think Adam wouldn’t recognize the motel room he’s stayed in on numerous occasions? There’s only two hotels in GC – the luxurious Grand Pheonix and the seedy motel. If Billy wanted to be followed around 24/7 – accomplished. And where are all these ChanceCom employees who depend on him? They must work remotely … I am mildly intrigued as to what the plan is and who’s in on it? Could it be that Victor and Vikki have been playing Ashland all along? It is uncharacteristic of Victor to be so forgiving – and for Vikki to remove herself from a situation that will directly affect her ….. Dominic lives in the biggest estate in GC – couldn’t they have a wing for stressing and grieving and the other wing be stress and grief-free? Maybe if everything wasn’t happening in the tiny living room, Domonic wouldn’t be absorbing everything. Perhaps Devon can move into a wing and take over for the nanny. It’s not like he has anything else to do.