Thursday, November 11th, 2021

It’s time to pull the trigger and blow this thing wide open, Adam quickly ends his call when Sally barges into his office – to say how tired he is of her barging into his office. Sally’s intuition tells her that Adam/Victor have plans to bring down Billy/ChanceCom.

So, what brings Rey to ChanceCom? Something Billy said that he can’t shake. There’s no need to talk in private – Billy boasts that Lily is his partner ‘in every way’. And it’s MY office, she reminds.

At the penthouse with Amanda, Devon relays Ashley’s opinion that it’s important for Abby to bond with her baby. It’s a good point but he’s still concerned, so might organize a meeting with Victor and Nina to discuss Abby’s grief affecting Dominic.

Abby thanks Nina, then seeing her break down, acknowledges that she’s grieving too.

Billy sees no problem with what Rey’s just layed out – that he was looking for a missing person, suspected Adam – then realized he was wrong and cut their conversation short. That’s because he had to meet me, Lily claims she was having a ‘caffeine emergency’. Odd, Billy said the coffee was for an employee.

Abby’s sorry she’s been so overwhelmed with her own emotions that she didn’t consider Nina’s. Nina desperately wanted to get on that plane with Abby but knows Chance would want us to put Dominic first.

Devon understands Ashley’s point but wants to hear Victor and Nina’s too. Amanda gently suggests Devon revisit the surrogacy contracts – so, that if anything happened to Abby, he’d get custody of Dominic (instead of Ashley and Victor)

Devon does NOT want to revisit the surrogacy contract – he has faith in Abby as a Mother and as his friend. He’s going to check on her and Amanda has plans with Naya. Tearing up about her deceased Father, Amanda firmly asserts that Dominic will always know who his biological father is.

If there WAS a plan to go after ChanceCom what business is that of Sally’s? She’s terrified the job she loves will disappear. There’s nothing to worry about, Adam assures. Prove it, she demands.

Still not understanding why Billy no longer suspects that Adam had something to do with Gaine’s disappearance, Rey is sure something’s going on. If you don’t tell me, I’ll just use my ‘cop-dar’. Let’s just tell him – he’ll figure it out anyway, Lily blurts out.

When Devon arrives, Nina takes Dominic up for a bath (he’ll soon be the sweetest smelling baby in the whole wide world) Abby wishes she could be as sweet and loving as Nina – all I can give Dom right now is my tears.

Convinced by Lily, Billy tells Rey that his cop-dar is right on. Gaines is alive and well, has the goods to take down Locke/Newman Media and wants the security ChanceCom can provide. He wants you to publish this information, Rey detects. Billy wants to use it as a bargaining chip. That’s blackmail – and that’s a crime, Rey informs.

Listing all he’s done for Sally, Adam sees no upside to letting her in on the plan. Yes, something is going down – and it’s going to happen quickly. Focus on what’s coming down the pike for you and Chloe – trust me.

Devon tells Abby about a really bad demo Moses had him listen to – then edges into the reason he’s there – how Abby’s doing. You’re not alone, he says for the umpteenth time.