Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Naya’s summoned Amanda to Society to raise a glass to her brave daughter (Imani told her about her testimony) – for taking the stand against a man who controlled her life for so long, and for getting justice for her Father.

There’s a world of difference between blackmail and a business negotiation, a condescending Billy speaks over Lily to say that Gaines is an asset – we protect our sources. Rey assumes Locke’s done something that might tarnish his reputation, bring civil suits, and destroy Locke-Newman/New Media. Have a good night Detective, Billy continues to sound smug as Rey leaves. Lily sighs – we said we were going to hold off on publishing because Gaines’ escape-from-Tuscany story sounded shady.

Naya lists all the truths Amanda told on the stand – then lists all she’s sorry for. She feels blessed that Amanda stood up for her when she couldn’t speak for herself. Naya wants to heal her heart so she has time to get to know the amazing woman Amanda is.

Devon talks about losing Hilary, and Neil. He masked his depression so much he started having panic attacks. Abby won’t go down that path – she has to stay strong for Dominic. You will – with the support of friends and family. No one gets through a loss like this by themselves. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. Abby feels she must put Dominic first, before anything she might be going through.

Wishing Imani could have joined them tonight, Naya already has an interior designer in mind – to decorate the office of the law firm her two daughters are starting. Yes, she’s a changed woman – because of Amanda ~hug~ Thank you.

Abby talks to Dominic in his bassinet – with your father gone all I can feel is pain and emptiness. Am I going to feel this way forever? On cue, Dominic starts crying. After much sshhushing, rocking and praying, he’s finally quiet. Abby looks drained as she huddles beneath a blanket on the couch.

Amanda comes home to tell Devon that Naya apologized and wants to make up for lost time. It was deep and real. How did things go with Abby? Alright – Devon encouraged her to accept support.

Something’s not right, Billy agrees with Lily. Why doesn’t Adam care that we have Gaines and Camilla’s original letter? Check your phone! Lily barks – did you really release the story behind my back? It’s been published on one of ChanceCom’s news sites!

Devon’s surprised to find Abby at his front door (complete with stroller and diaper bag) You’re right, I can’t do this alone, she sniffles.

I didn’t authorize anyone on our staff to publish this story, Billy swears. It’s out there, Lily’s panicked – all of it; Camilla’s original letter, Ashland building his empire on a stolen inheritance. ChanceCom just launched a rocket at Ashland and the Newmans and you and I had nothing to do with it! How the hell did that happen?!

Rey and Sally are both reading the story (not together) Behind his desk, a delighted Adam grins at his tablet. Hashtag’s headline reads; Fraud, Theft, Key to Locke Fortune.

Next Week: Abby tells Devon (Amanda at his side) I need you to take Dominic, to take care of him until I can get my head together …. Lauren’s with Jack at Society – do you think you can be objective with her? Phyllis IS your ex…. Everything went off without a hitch, Adam crows to Victor. And you played your role perfectly, he praises Jesse.