Friday, November 12th, 2021

Who could have published that article from ChanceCon’s system? Billy needs answers NOW. Lily knows just where to start.

Sally’s once again in Adam’s office – she just read the most fascinating/unsettling article online about Ashland Locke. Adam just finished reading it himself, but, giving nothing away, has someplace he needs to be.

At home, Victor doesn’t look surprised by the article he reads online.

The young reporter summoned to the CEO’s office explains that she published the story as directed in an email she received – from Billy. He never sent that – he and Lily haven’t even seen the story! Marty’s sorry for any confusion and forwards Lily the email she received. Seems Billy was hacked, but by who?

At the estate, Ashley leaves a message for Abby; she and Dominic aren’t home and Nina’s in bed. She’ll be waiting up so will see Abby when she gets home.

Devon and Amanda assure Abby that it’s fine that she came over. I can’t do this alone, she sniffles – I’m a trainwreck over Chance and can’t give Dominic the attention he needs. Will you take him until I can get my head together???

Devon admires Abby for admitting she needs help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Are you sure you want to leave Dominic with me instead of someone else in the family? This feels right to Abby. Then, of course Devon will take care of the baby – but, he’s surprised to hear that Abby might leave town.

Lily and Billy really came out swinging, Sharon and Rey wish they’d found a way to keep the peace (and wonder what changed Billy’s mind on not releasing the story)

Finding no trace of Jesse in the motel room, Lily and Billy assume he ran off scared. Or did someone pay him off? If it wasn’t him, then who? Two guesses, Billy says knowingly.

Well done, my boy. At the ranch, Victor congratulates Adam. Everything went off without a hitch, Adam praises Jesse for playing his part perfectly.

Assured that Amanda and Moses would also love to have Dominic stay, Abby leaves him with his favorite person; Devon.

Holding Devon’s hand, Amanda meant every word she said – she’s glad Abby found a way to heal and protect her baby at the same time. You’re the only Father Dominic’s ever known.

Now home, Abby defends her decision to Victor and Ashley – Devon has been a constant presence in Dominic’s life. This is NOT a good environment for him. But what about the toll this will take on you, his Mother? Victor asks.

At Society, Adam’s disappointed that Sally doesn’t believe in him. She wants to know what’s going on but won’t ask – for now. How about a drink? That sounds good to Adam.

Billy gets back-to-back texts from Vikki and Ashland – calling him a bastard and threatening legal action.

Victor thinks Abby will regret leaving Dominic with Devon. Ashley decides they’ll just take him back if it doesn’t work out – nothing’s set in stone. What a day it’s been, she goes up to bed.

Amanda watches as Devon sings and chats to Dominic as he gives him his bottle.

Bag in hand, Abby sneaks out of the estate and into the night – headed for who knows where.

At Society, Adam surprises Sally – he lived on a farm, can drive a tractor and milk a cow. Her hidden talents? She can juggle knives, guess Adam’s weight and walk a tightrope. Her parents were carnies. You get more interesting by the minute. As they talk and laugh, Sharon and Rey arrive. No, she doesn’t want to go somewhere else – why would I? Sharon pastes on a smile.

Billy and Lily are still freaking out at ChanceCom. He won’t print a retraction – it’ll look like we’re amateurs who aren’t in control. But we aren’t, Lily states the obvious. Why would Ashland threaten legal action when the story’s true? Billy wonders. No, it’s not true, Jesse arrives to say he made it all up – in order to hurt Billy.

My Thoughts: I have two words for Billy – Bwa & ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Did he really think he could get the better of Victor AND Adam Newman? The evilest evil-doers who’s ever eviled? I’m still not sure whether Vikki and/or Ashland were in on it. Or what the benefit could be to Ashland’s reputation being questioned. A lie will travel around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on (or something like that) Have Harrison’s guardians been notified? Maybe the Newmans/Lockes are just in it for all those sweet, sweet civil suits we’ve been hearing about – they could use the extra cash … What a ridiculous scenario – Abby is so devastated by the loss of Chance that she’s walking (no, sneaking) away from the only link to him she has? Without so much as a heads up to Chance’s devastated Mother? Poor Nina will wish she dragged that bath out a bit longer…Mariah’s going to lose her mind. She sure as hell didn’t sign up to make Devon a single Father. He’s a natural with the rolled-up blanket – though I do have to wonder why he’s putting the bottle in Dominic’s belly button.