Monday, November 15th, 2021

Taking a seat, Sharon again declines leaving Society. Seemingly unfazed by Adam and Sally’s sporadic laughter, she wonders if it’s Rey who’d like to go elsewhere.

At ChanceCom, Billy and Lily have a hard time believing what Jesse’s just told them – he made up his entire story. Ashland’s lawyers will bury us, Lily frets.

Victor comes home from Abby’s to tell Nikki that he’s very concerned about his daughter after what she did this evening.

Billy’s got it all figured out – Victor and Adam are paying Jesse to say he’s lying. They put this whole thing in motion, he guesses.

After leaving Ashland a message, Billy now realizes Victor and Adam framed ChanceCom and will now sue them into oblivion. Jesse can neither confirm nor deny. You’re so twisted, Lily scowls. Good bye and good luck – you’ll need it, Jesse exits.

Back at Society, Sharon and Rey discuss how well Lola’s doing in Miami – then wonder why Adam’s over there having a good time with Sally; what’s wrong with this picture?

Looking over at the Rosales table, Adam continues to dodge Sally’s questions. He gets a text – someone’s on their way over to meet him.

Nikki’s stunned to hear that Abby dropped Dominic off at Devon’s. As his Mother, she has a right to do what she wants, Victor adds that the arrangement is open-ended. He could have jumped in to take guardianship but is respecting Abby’s wishes (for now)

Surprising Sally by saying that his Mother was blind, Adam jumps up to join Jesse at the bar – you’re not done yet. Execute the next step of the plan and you’ll be free.

Sharon can see that she doesn’t have Rey’s full attention. Sorry – that’s Jesse Gaines, and whatever he and Adam are up to, it can’t be good.

We got played, Billy grumbles – Victor and Adam really one-upped us here. Your plan failed spectacularly, Lily says. You’re partly responsible, you told me to do whatever it takes, Billy reminds.

Victor thinks highly of Devon but agrees with Nikki that Dominic should be with them at the ranch. That said, they respect Abby’s decision.

Glaring over at the bar, Rey flashes back to his chat with Billy/Lily. It doesn’t make sense that Adam and Jesse are meeting. Something’s wrong here. And, Adam’s very calm considering an article just came out that will affect Newman Media.

At the bar, Jesse agrees to do this one last thing before leaving town with Adam’s money. Stop whining – the camera crew’s waiting at the office; go put on the performance of your life, Adam orders.