Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

Excited about releasing her first full album, Tessa asks Noah to design the cover. Devon won’t be breathing down your neck the way Victor did. Noah’d love to hear her songs (a sample of which she sends right away)

Mariah’s at the penthouse to ask Devon how Abby was – and how he’s doing. He’s good, and so’s Dominic. Mariah’s happy he’s out of that stressful environment but wishes Abby had come to her.

Inviting Mariah to visit Dominic as often as she wants, Devon relays that Abby mentioned that she might go out of town.

Jack just saw Nick leave and is at Society to meet Mike and Lauren for breakfast (though he isn’t really in the mood) Phyllis is sorry to hear about Chance and will always be there for Jack. Amanda appears to immediately detect that she’s interrupting something.

Explaining that he just heard about Chance, Jack appreciates Amanda (and Devon) taking Dominic into their home. When the Baldwins arrive, Mike takes Amanda aside, and when Phyllis hurries out, Lauren’s left to look smug.

At the bar, Mike tells Amanda that the jury doesn’t like Sutton. But he’s a career politician who’s good at playing to an audience, Amanda worries, but hopes Mike’s right.

Mariah joins Tessa and Noah to complain that Abby left Dominic with Devon and might have left town. What if there’s an emergency? How irresponsible.

Dominic’s upstairs asleep when Ashley stops by Devon’s to worry that Abby left town. She did mention it, but just as a passing thought. Abby doesn’t behave this way; clearly, she’s not herself, Ashley concludes.

Gathering that Phyllis has confided in Jack, Lauren thinks it would be a mistake for them to reconnect. It’s a miracle you’re even friends. We’ve all grown older and wiser, Jack points out.

Returning to TGP, Phyllis looks confused as she flashes back to Amanda suggesting that she never got over Jack – then recently telling Jack that she loves him.

Stopping by the penthouse for a meeting Devon forgot about, Nick’s surprised to hear that Abby packed a bag and left last night. She shouldn’t be alone. We have to find her, they agree.

Abby!? Ashley enters the estate to shout. Then she leaves another ‘call me’ message.