Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Thanking Devon for bringing Dominic to the ranch for a visit, Victor expresses his concerns about Abby’s state of mind.

In her motel room, Abby talks aloud to Chance – she had to get away from everyone hovering over her to focus. Hmmm – perhaps unpacking this box of trinkets that meant a lot to Chance will help.

Having pulled an all-nighter at ChanceCom, Lily reads ChanceCom’s retraction to Billy. He wants to stand by the story but she points out that they have no proof. We did the right thing, Lily hits the ‘publish’ button. As co-CEO’s of ChanceCom, the responsibility falls on us. Rey appears to say he couldn’t agree more.

Ashland drops by Adam’s office as he’s gloating over ChanceCom’s retraction.

Assuring Victor that he’s up to the task of minding Dominic, Devon fears he may have unwittingly encouraged Abby to leave town. Victor again worries about her state of mind.

On the CL’s patio, Moses tells Faith that Dominic’s at the penthouse. She also worries about Abby – she must have been a total wreck (to have left Dominic behind)

Abby talks to items she pulls from the box; Chance’s military pin and a photo of a group of men in fatigues. This must be from your time in Iraq. Who are these people?

Rey was told (by Adam) that Billy was blackmailing them with threats to publish the article. He even has a recording of it. We were hacked – the retraction’s online, Billy asserts that the Newmans are the real criminals here.

Rey plays the recording of Billy telling Adam that he won’t publish the story if they stop the attack on ChanceCom. That was taken out of context, Billy claims as an exhausted Lily rubs her eyes. When Rey adds that he has a video from Jesse too, Billy asks if he’s going to be arrested.

After his treatment in Peru, Ashland’s happy to report that he’s feeling well and very much in love with his bride. Victor and I have done our part, Adam tells Ashland that it’s now his turn. Ashland almost feels bad for kicking Billy when he’s down – almost.

Having no idea where Abby went, Devon hopes she didn’t go to Spain after all. Coming in for an update, Nikki worries. Victor goes off to ‘do some digging’ – keep in touch. Nikki asks Devon to stay….

Picking up Chance’s medal for bravery, Abby recalls him vowing to give it to the people who deserve it – I wasn’t the hero that day, his voice says as she again examines the photos.