Monday, November 22nd, 2021

When Sally claims she’s shifting all her energy to her career, Chloe suspects she’s trying to reverse-psychology Adam into chasing her. He won’t – he’s way too smart for that. Sally’s not playing games; she’s respecting Adam’s wishes and heeding Chloe’s advice that Chelsea will be back in the picture soon.

After some back and forth, Vikki says Billy wasted his time going to Victor (only Ashland can cancel the lawsuit – or prolong it, maybe release the recordings of Billy’s ugly threats. Get to the point, Lily snarls. OK, Newman-Locke wants ChanceCom and will keep Lily on as CEO. And Billy? He’s out. You’re willing to go along with this? Kicking me out of the company? Billy appeals to Vikki. Oh, Billy, Ashland sighs – always slow to catch on – this was all Vikki’s idea.

I begged you to leave us alone, Vikki reminds Billy – but you came after us. Accusing Billy of misusing his power, Vikki IS willing to give Lily a chance. Why would I want to work for you? Lily scoffs. The Lockes promise her complete autonomy. That or Adam will take it over. OMG – even now you’re trying to protect Billy, Lily gasps. Vikki just wants a quick and peaceful resolution to this lawsuit, for the sake of the children. We’ll give you time to go over your limited options, they leave.

Seated at Society, Amanda tells Imani that Devon will be joining them soon. Imani’s having a hard time processing that her grandfather’s a convicted felon but knows Amanda must be in the mood to celebrate.

Sutton may be the grandfather Imani grew up loving, but he’s also the man who robbed Amanda of ever knowing her Father. She’s then thrilled to hear that Naya might move to GC. Wait til she starts nagging you about having kids, Imani jokes. We have a lot of catching up to do, Amanda grins.

Devon’s at home enjoying himself Dominic; falling asleep with him in his arms – then walking him around when he gets fussy.

Newman Media and Newman Locke are in a tug of war and ChanceCom’s the rope, Billy scowls. Lily’s suspicious of the Locke’s offer – maybe they want to drive a wedge between us. Billy agrees with all the nice things they said about Lily – without my baggage, the company will thrive. The decision will be up to Jill, she reminds. Billy can walk away from the company as long as things are OK in their relationship. Of course, she replies too quickly ~kiss~

Back at the office, Vikki’s determined to protect the kids. Sure Billy will go off the rails, she thinks it might be a good time to send them to boarding school. Watching Billy spiral won’t be easy for you either, Ashland knows.

Amanda smiles when coming home to find Devon napping with Dominic in his arms.

Vikki has no intention of saving Billy but again expresses the need to protect the kids. They agree it might be good to send them away before Ashland’s health deteriorates. What about Billy? Vikki will manage him (and Jill will just find him another position)

While Billy’s drinking alone at Society, Lily leaves a ‘call me’ message for Jill – she needs to discuss something regarding ChanceCom.