Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Astounded when Ashley returns to the jet without Abby, Jack’s in even more shock when he’s told something in absolute confidence – Abby’s with Chance, he’s alive!

Back at the house, Abby tells Kim that her Mom’s on the plane and Chance is out on a walk. Only he isn’t – he’s eavesdropping as Abby pleads with Kim to help her convince Chance – I need my husband to come home with me!

At Society’s bar, Billy can feel the joy being sucked out of the room as Victor appears to comment on him wallowing in self-pity and drinking in the middle of the day. No, this isn’t Billy’s first ‘adult beverage’ today – and (unlike their last encounter) he won’t throw himself at Victor’s feet begging for mercy this time.

You want me to take over Chancellor? Lily’s stunned and flattered. Jill doesn’t need an answer this minute; she wants the transition to run smoothly so will stay on as an advisor. If she accepts, Lily wonders what happens to ChanceCom – and Billy?

Ashley tells Jack the rest of the story – Chance wants to stay and avenge the death of his team. Abby will convince him, Jack’s sure – right? Right?

Chance won’t listen to me, Kim knows – it’s a decision you two have to make together. She leaves Abby and Chance to basically repeat their debate.

Victor thinks it a good move for Vikki to buy ChanceCom – she’s saving you (BillyBoy) the humiliation of losing it to Adam. Regardless, you’ll have to pay the consequence of your actions. Why do you hate me so much? Billy’s genuine question amuses Victor. What a question, he guffaws.

Lily and Jill continue to debate Billy’s actions and how they’ve decimated ChanceCom to the point that Jill wants to sell it off. Lily defends her partner and worries about ChanceCom’s staff. Jill will include the staff in the sale and doesn’t agree that she’ll regret her decision; what’s done is done.

Why do you care why I hate you? Victor acknowledges that Billy’s somewhat handsome and mildly intelligent but loathes people born with a silver spoon in their mouth. With an aggressive reminder that he grew up in an orphanage, Victor considers Billy spoiled and entitled. Your Mommy owns ChanceCom and she’s a savvy businesswoman. Billy agrees – and that’s why Victor shouldn’t feel too confident.

Of course Lily’s interested in this opportunity of a lifetime. Stop defending Billy and putting his needs above your own – YOU are the one who exceeded my expectations, Jill’s sure that Katherine and Neil would agree. She’s fine with Billy working at ChanceCom, but in a secondary role. ie COO. Tearing up, Jill admits that it’s killing her to set these conditions.

Ashley tells Jack that even seeing a livestream of Dominic didn’t convince Chance to come home with Abby. What will she do? Stay in Spain and live in danger? Away from her son? And if she comes home alone, then what??

Abby’s more firm with Chance – you made promises to me. He notices that she’s wearing his wedding ring on a chain around her neck.