Wednesday, Dec 1st, 2021

At the estate, Billy agrees with Jill that Lily will do a good job – IF she takes it. IF? Well, we ARE a good team – that’s why you put us together, Billy reminds. He’s OK with her selling but not to Victor and Adam. When Jill won’t rule it out, Billy feels like she’s siding with the Newmans over her own son.

On the CL’s patio, Tessa sets a mug topped with whipped cream on the table. What is this monstrosity? It’s obscene – obscenely delicious. Thanks for taking such good care of me. Having visited Dominic earlier, Mariah makes it clear she disapproves of Abby’s extended absence.

As Devon puts Dominic in his bassinet for a nap, Amanda comes down to quietly let Imani in. After some gushing over Dominic, the sisters have news that Imani feels she should be the one to share.

You were at rock bottom (again) when I hired you, Jill reminds. How needs no reminders – you never let me forget it. And now you’re telling the world that you share Victor’s low opinion of me. You’ve given up on me – and the feeling’s mutual. Jill looks hurt.

Imani claims that they’re helping her parents find an apartment in this building, so Naya can pop in anytime she wants to. Uh what? Devon balks. Just kidding – the sisters are going office hunting. They appreciate his offer to help but are excited to do this on their own. Devon’s left looking mildly unsettled.

No one knows where Abby is or when she’s coming back. She asked Devon to do a livestream, Mariah updates. Tessa thinks it good; she’ll be able to see that Dominic is loved and doted on.

Of course Billy looked into his kids future stepdad, the Locke Ness Monster. Victor had the same instinct. But instead of teaming up with me, he teamed up with a man as ruthless as himself to come after me. Billy had evidence to take them down but deleted it – for Vikki and the kids. Ashland was never a threat to your kids, Jill suspects Billy have a more personal reason for wanting to stop Vikki’s wedding.

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Billy loves Lily – Vikki’s the Mother of his kids – that’s it. He never intended for that article to see the light of day but Adam and Victor hacked into our system to release it. Refusing to accept a job as Chancellor’s COO, Billy leaves Jill in tears.

On the CL’s patio, Noah critiques Tessa’s songs; haunting – your voice has such purity. You really think so? Tessa’s visibly flattered. Mariah pretends to be insulted – I tell you that all the time. Why believe him and not me??

Devon knows Lily didn’t just drop by for her baby fix. No, she needs his advice.

Inspiration takes time – Noah needs to listen to the songs a few more times – only then will the images start to flow. After Tessa leaves to take a call from her manager, Noah and Mariah crack jokes. But wow, she can see that someone really did a number on him.

Amanda and Imani are at Society to celebrate signing a lease – but which lease? They aren’t on the same page.

Sworn to secrecy, Devon’s excited to hear of the offer Jill made to Lily. Yes, Billy knows – he’s thrilled for me but upset with himself, disappointed that Jill doesn’t believe in him – and furious at Victor and Adam for sabotaging us. Yes, it IS a lot of anger to hold onto; Lily’s afraid where it’ll be directed.