Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Sally eavesdrops outside Adam’s office. Chelsea’s called to discuss Connor’s Christmas gifts. Reading a text message, Adam will have to talk to her later. That doesn’t sound like good news, Sally walks in to say.

Nikki enters Vikki’s office. Handing her tablet over, it looks like they’ve got an answer to their offer to buy ChanceCom.

It’s official, Jill’s made her decision about ChanceCom, Lily hands her tablet over to Billy (at the condo)

At the ranch, Ashley tells Victor that Chance is alive – Abby was right – we’ve brought him home.

Chance feels so disconnected to this place. Spain was your job – this is your home; where you belong, Abby affirms. Needless to say, Jill’s stunned to see that Chance is alive ~hug~

At the penthouse, Devon’s still trying to wrap his head around Abby’s return. He packs toys and picks Dominic up. Amanda knows it’ll be hard for Devon to send him home.

OMG – I can’t believe you’re really here! Jill’s filled in by Chance and a boastful Abby. Jill now believes in miracles – thank you Abby! Thank God you didn’t give up, she gives Chance another hug.

Looks like Jill wants a bidding war; the article didn’t mention Lily, so she must be left out in the cold too. Maybe she blames her and Billy equally, Vikki suggests.

We put our heart and soul into that company, Lily pouts. Billy’s happy that she’s moving on to bigger and better things. Come to Chancellor with me, Lily persists. You don’t need me or my baggage, Billy has other plans. That’s what Lily’s worried about.

Jill’s selling ChanceCom to the highest bidder. So bid high, Sally shrugs. The bright side for Adam is that no matter who wins, Billy loses.

Billy does want to get back at Victor and Adam but will wait until Lily’s new job is announced, so as not to undermine her. He won’t keep his plan a secret from Lily (though knows she won’t like it)

Abby’s over the moon, Ashley states the obvious. As for Chance, he’s guilt-ridden. Abby fought hard to bring him home.

Chance can’t wait to meet his son. Where IS my grandson? Jill’s impatient. Devon’s been taking good care of him, he’s been such a good friend.

Though Devon claims to be happy that Dominic will be reunited with his parents, Amanda can see that he’s struggling.

Go bring Dominic home – Jill can’t wait to meet her great great grandson. Chance’s phone rings. It’s my section chief, he’s puzzled.

Thanks for the update Sir. Chance relays good news – a new team’s taking over a lead that should lead to the attackers. They’ve assigned a security detail to us here in GC (though we might not see them) Go meet your son! Jill bellows.

Dad and Adam just wanted to weaken ChanceCom – they’ll only be more determined to buy (and gut) it. Vikki won’t let her personal feelings affect a business decision. She’ll be the kind of businesswoman her Father taught her to be. Nikki looks concerned.