Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Summoned to NE, Nick’s curious to hear what the Locke’s have to say. Oh, it’s just me – Ashland thought they should clear the air.

At CL’s, Victor puts their interest in ChanceCom aside to tell Vikki the stunning news that Chance is alive, Abby’s brought him back.

Chance is frowning at one of his medals when Abby brings Dominic into the room – is everything OK? Yes – Chance is exactly where he wants to be.

At TGP, Nikki thanks Phyllis for putting together this little party so quickly. Adam arrives to ask where Victor is – he’s not returning my calls. Maybe he’s avoiding me.

Billy would rather sit alone at the bar, thanks. More bluntly, he doesn’t want Sally’s company or trust her (due to whatever she’s got going on with Adam)

Abby must be thrilled, Vikki’s so happy for her. Before agreeing to attend the party at TGP, she thinks they should discuss the situation with ChanceCom.

Unaware that Victor didn’t tell Adam that Chance is alive, Nikki invites him to the gettogether. Taken off-guard, Adam has plans with Connor. When Noah arrives, Adam’s the one who called him. After they go aside to chat, Phyllis tells Nikki to keep an eye on Adam (where it comes to Noah)

Chloe and I have complete autonomy and there’s nothing romantic going on between Adam and me, Sally seems genuinely concerned about Billy.

Abby interrupts Chance’s apologies to announce that Victor’s throwing him a party. ‘A party’, Chance is enthused.

Abby offers to call her Dad to cancel – she should have checked with Chance first. Everyone will want to see you. Don’t cancel, Chance has missed everyone. But first, they run hand in hand upstairs.

Victor would only be upset if Vikki’s making a move on ChanceCom to save Billy. Admitting it was a mistake to sell Newman’s media division, Vikki wants it back. Victor doesn’t care whether she or Adam get ChanceCom. I’m very proud of you. See you at the party.

What are we clearing up? There’s so much to choose from (though Nick doesn’t want to discuss any of it with Ashland)

Noah’s not eager to embrace the new and improved Adam, Nikki informs that he didn’t appreciate being micromanaged. Phyllis wonders why he left London. Nikki’s sorry things didn’t work out (for Nick’s sake) Things seem to be working out for you just fine.

Victor updates Nikki that he had a good chat with Vikki. Adam was here – he thinks you’re avoiding him, Nikki suspects he looks forward to the kids vying for ChanceCom. Both hope Nick will join them.