Monday, December 6th, 2021

There he is, the man of the hour, Nikki announces at TGP. A true hero, Victor tells everyone all about Chance’s top-secret mission to prevent a terrorist attack. Until he’s done helping to ID those terrorists the press can’t be notified. The Newmans, Abbott’s etc. continue to applaud Chance and Abby.

At CL’s, Sharon wonders why Nick isn’t at the party, He doesn’t want to ruin the best thing that’s happened to the family in ages.

Fussing over Chance, Abby leads him off for food. May we all find someone to look at us the way Abby looks at Chance, Jack says to Phyllis. He’s in awe of their love.

Victor comes over to thank Jack. This should be good, Phyllis mutters into her glass of bubbly.

Nick relays his run-in with Ashland (that Vikki overheard) to Sharon. You should go to the party, she repeats – show Abby you’re the brother she knows and loves.

Humble when thanked by Victor, Jack thinks Chance will have a hard time adjusting.

Nikki correctly guesses that Chance is overwhelmed by the attention. Nobody expects a show tonight. At least you’ll get it all out of the way tonight, she looks on the bright side. Victor moseys over – Abby’s faith brought you home.

Abby’s sorry she missed Vikki and Ashland’s wedding. I’m so happy, she calls chance over to be introduced to Ashland. He and Vikki offer to help him transition.

Back at CL’s, Nick asks Sharon’s opinion – am I pushing people away? That’s what Vikki thinks (not Phyllis) she’s wrong. you’re a good man, Sharon knows.

Victor delivers a toast that all add on to. As Abby thanks all, Chance escapes outdoors. You OK? Devon asks.

Chance thanks Devon for everything. It seems both are uncomfortable with the ‘hero’ label.

Nick leaves when Mariah shows up at cl’s. No, she didn’t forget Chance’s party; she can’t convince herself to go.

Victor finds it interesting that Jill installed Lily as head of Chancellor. He has advice for Jill, Chancellor will prosper without Billy running it. Vikki arrives to watch them clink glasses. though jill doesn’t drink.

When Devon informs that Amanda’s with Imani, Abby hopes she stops by later so she can thank her.

Vikki wastes little time making her pitch to Jill – selling ChanceCom to Newman Locke will benefit Billy – he won’t lose to Adam again. Help Billy? You were part of the plan to bring him down, Jill quips before walking off.

Nikki’s disappointed that Nick hasn’t stopped by. Vikki’s sure he’ll visit Abby in a dad-free venue.