Monday, December 6th, 2021

Phyllis bores Ashley with talk of her Thanksgiving dream. When Ashley assumes Jack had a feature role in this dream, Phyllis assures there’s way worse than her out there for Jack.

Vikki updates Ashland on her recon mission – Jill loves the game as much as Victor does – we have to up our game. Lets play, Ashland’s ready.

Phyllis gets everyone’s attention so the guest of honour can make a speech. Chance thanks everyone for coming – his in laws for putting it together. He’s blessed to come home to his wife and son. His teammates are the real heroes tonight – all are asked to raise a glass. Chance is glad to call GC home. Like it or not, you’re stuck with me. He then asks Abby if they can get out of there.

Victor looks concerned when, after polite goodbyes, Chance leaves with Abby.

Mariah didn’t go because the party is for family. You ARE family, Sharon points out. It doesn’t feel right, best Mariah sit this one out.

In the lobby, Devon tells Nick that he just missed Chance and Abby. Yeah, the penthouse is a lot quieter without Dominic. Nick’s about to leave when Nikki insists he stay for drink. Spotting Jack with Phyllis, Nick leaves.

Now home, Chance comments on Nick’s absence and is sorry to hear he and Phyllis broke up.

Jack declines staying for a drink with Phyllis due to jet lag. We’ll talk soon. Sweet dreams.

When Ashley shares her concern about Chance Victor agrees – he seems psychologically fragile. they (and Nikki) will keep
an eye on him.

Alone with Dominic, Chance calls HIM the miracle as he flashes over all the praise heaped on him tonight.