Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Phyllis is blathering maniacally at Jack when Billy arrives at TGP to take his brother aside – he wants Jack to go in with him and buy ChanceCom from his Mother.

Starting her day off at Society, Sally’s joined by Adam. He’s had a change of heart and now wants to know about Billy’s sad state of mind; wants to know what’s going on with him. Are you asking me to spy for you? Sally asks (as Lily eavesdrops)

At CL’s, Sharon awkwardly tries to get ideas for a Christmas present for Rey. You’re a great husband but impossible to buy for! Rey doesn’t need gifts – all he needs is Sharon.

Why, Yes, Abby did get new throw pillows for the living room sofa – Dominic spit-up all over the old ones. Chance feels guilty that he missed so much. There will be plenty more precious moments (and spit up) ahead, Abby promises.

Yes, you ARE hard to buy for – and there’s three shirts in the closet with tags still on to prove it. How about tickets to fly to the beach? Rey suggests. Sharon reminds Rey that his partner just came back. That’s OK, he already got the perfect gift last year – marrying Sharon.

As Lily listens – Adam’s not asking Sally to go full-on Mata Hari, he’s just asking her to relay anything she notices/any concerning behavior by Billy. It’s not an assignment. Good, because Sally’s in fashion, not gossip. She needs to know Adam’s motive. He claims to be genuinely concerned – he didn’t intend to push Billy over the edge; I’m not that vicious. Still hiding, Lily’s eyes almost roll back into her head.

Back in TGP lounge, Billy finally admits his goal to Jack – he doesn’t want Victor and Adam to get ChanceCom. Please, don’t let me down.

Nina calls for a video chat. She’s still having a hard time believing this is real and can’t wait to get back to GC. I’m not going anywhere, Chance means it this time.

Jack has to say ‘no’ to buying ChanceCom. He won’t enable Billy’s latest addiction. It’s over, let it go. Jack wants nothing more than Billy’s happiness and success but going after ChanceCom isn’t the right path. Think about other options ie. Jabot. This isn’t about Adam, Billy insists (as Rey arrives to hear)

After his ‘difficult conversation’, Jack rejoins Phyllis at the bar to report that Billy has his priorities mixed up, again.

Rey sits with Billy to hear him whine that he was trapped (by Adam) Can I get you a Bloody Mary? When Rey declines, Billy hopes he’s not there on business, or about to make his day even worse.

Armed with gift bags, Ester drops by CL’s to say she’s not sure about what to get anyone for Christmas. Sharon can relate – hey, Kevin works at the station – has he heard Rey mention anything? No – Just that he’s glad Chance is home. That might be the best gift any of us get this year, Sharon concludes.