Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Sure, hand Vikki a competing media company on a silver platter while I continue to play the role of ‘scrappy underdog’. Adam wonders if Victor has a motive he’s not sharing – are you hoping for a media war between your children? Is this one of your little tests? Victor leaves without answering.

Noah snaps a few photos as Tessa strums a few cords. Mariah eavesdrops as he recalls first seeing Tessa play at Devon’s studio. I was so proud of you, Mariah was too. She’s been there for the entire, wild ride – we’ve been through so much together, Tessa smiles almost to the point of tears. Tell me about that, Noah prepares to take some more shots.

Tessa credits Mariah’s love and support for her success – she encouraged me to be who I am and even produced a music video of me performing in various places. Noah takes photos as Tessa speaks of her love for Mariah – so much her heart aches. Swiping a tear, Mariah retreats inside.

When Ashland returns, Vikki relays Lily’s concern for Billy. He can turn into a different person – sending the kids to boarding school is the right decision (but she’ll have to convince Billy of that)

At ChanceCom, Billy tells Lily that he laid a bit of groundwork – Adam believes I’m falling off the rails and is probably figuring out how to best exploit me. Lily had an interesting talk with Vikki. Do you actually think I’ll fall apart? Billy’s surprised once updated.

Inside, Sharon gives Mariah a pep talk; everyone supports you – no one judges you. Mariah didn’t skip the party because she’s obsessing over Dominic, but she is concerned that he’s picking up on how overwhelmed Chance must be feeling right now.

Tessa appreciates Noah making the photoshoot so effortless and special. Yeah, it was, he looks smitten as her back’s turned while she returns her guitar to its case.

Lily assures Billy that she went to plant the seed in Vikki’s head that he’s heading for a fall. She loves/believes in him and understands why he can’t come to Chancellor with her. Adam needs to be held accountable and Vikki let it happen while covering up her husband’s crime/lie. It’s perfect – you’re perfect, Billy rewards Lily with a kiss.

When Victor stops by the office, the Lockes happily report that Ashland’s cancer hasn’t spread. I’ll be damned, Victor has news too – Newman Media won’t compete for ChanceCom – it should return to the fold. Vikki’s glad to hear it.

In their suite, Mariah confides to Tessa that she wanted to attend the party for Chance but didn’t want to be a distraction to him. After talking to her Mom, she feels good about her decision. You could have come to me, Tessa pouts. Mariah didn’t want to interrupt her and Noah ‘doing their thing’. I love you ~kiss~

Still on the patio, Noah looks at photos of Tessa on his camera and smiles dreamily to himself.

Is Adam onboard with this? Vikki asks. He has no choice and doesn’t have the funds to make a bid on his own – Victor doesn’t give a damn what he thinks.

Back at the office, Adam’s working hard to get investors lined up. You won’t regret it, he ends his call and immediately makes another.

Billy’s back to drinking at Society’s bar when a mysterious woman sits to discreetly take photos of him. Who is the woman in the blonde wig and big black hat? Sally?