Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Vikki’s delighted by Ashland’s flowers and ecstatic to hear that his oncologist called to say that his cancer hasn’t spread. Talk of a celebration is interrupted when Lily walks into the office – she needs to talk to Vikki.

At Society’s bar, Adam comments on Billy drinking so early in the day. Billy is not receptive to whatever ‘Mr Media Mogul’ has to say.

When Tessa drops by CL’s, Sharon asks if she has any ideas on what to get Mariah for Christmas. Yes, she’s happy that Noah’s there for the holidays and hopes he’s home to stay. Strolling in on cue, Noah knows he interrupted something.

At TGP, Victor tells Mariah that she was missed at last night’s party for Chance. Bowie’s so lucky to have both his parents, Mariah claims that she missed the party because she was busy with work. Bowie? Victor’s puzzled.

Thinking the nickname ‘cute’, Victor will never forget that Mariah delivered Abby and Chance’s baby safely to them. Vowing to bring her justice, he thanks Mariah and leaves her deep in thought.

After Sharon gets back to work, Noah sits Tessa down to share his idea for her album cover. He wants to photograph her; capture her ‘stripped down’ and simple, like her songs – raw. Sharon’s back to say how far Tessa’s come from the young musician busking on her patio. Noah suddenly knows exactly what he wants to do with Tessa and how to get there!

After Ashland leaves, Vikki congratulates Lily on her being named CEO of Chancellor – she respects her, and not just as a businesswoman. Hoping the Lockes are the ones to buy ChanceCom (NOT Adam) Lily’s concerned about Billy. You worry he might fall back into his old addictive/destructive behavior, Vikki guesses.

Billy’s full-time job is ensuring Adam (and Victor) don’t get their grimy hands on ChanceCom. Why did you have to try mess with Vikki’s future? Adam sputters. Billy may be in a bad place but is still glad he’s not Adam. Without further word, Adam leaves Billy to order another drink – of apple juice.

Of course Sharon will close off the patio so Noah can take some photos of Tessa. Hearing that Adam’s asked him to do some more work for Newman Media, she’s ‘sincerely convinced’ that he’s changed and asks Noah to base his decision on who Adam is now, not on his past.

Busy on the phone, Adam’s relieved when Victor finally drops by the office to say that he’s not been avoiding him – he’s been busy with Chance and Abby is all. Eager to submit an aggressive offer to Jill, Adam’s not happy to hear that Victor’s decided not to compete against Vikki for ChanceCom.

Lily’s never seen Billy like this before and worries that Adam buying ChanceCom might push him over the edge. Sometimes it seems Vikki only wants to help Billy when it serves her own purpose – doesn’t the Father of your children deserve better? Vikki begins to wonder why Lily came to her.

Vikki tells Lily what to look for if Billy relapses – he’ll disappear with inconsistent excuses, lies, day-drinking, manic highs – everyone’s wrong; he’s right. Please let me know if you see any of these signs, Vikki has the children to consider. Appreciating Vikki’s candor, Lily leaves after confirming that this conversation is in confidence.